McClure, Fletcher and Thompson bag 700s
Larry Mason

Dec. 13, 2005 - Harold McClure, Mike Fletcher and Jerry A. Thompson each registered 700s this week, while David Gholson and Cliff Whitney came within nine pins of 700, each shooting 691s. Cliff came close to 700 again on Tuesday night, shooting a 684, as did Ace Wiginton. Brad Stone shot the same score on Thursday evening. The ladies produced two 600s this week, one coming from Becky Spelman, the other from Amy Sharp. 

For Harold McClure, Sunday night’s 718 series was his second 700 of the season. To reach 700 No. 2, McClure shot games of 234, 258 and 226. Harold’s highest series is a 729 series he shot very early in the season. It still holds 12th place on the high series list. McClure is averaging 213 on Thursdays, which lands him in sixth place on the high average chart, and holds a 206 on Sundays. McClure, a local law enforcement officer, has a 268 high game, which ties him with Keith Ethridge, Justin Parmer, Jason Parmer and Jerry C. Thompson for 14th position on the high game listing. For good measure, McClure shot a 673 on Thursday.  He does all of this in spite of the fact that he is left-handed. 

Another individual who also throws with the wrong hand, Jerry A. Thompson, tossed his first 700 of the season on Thursday, a 700 even, shooting games of 225, 237 and 238. Jerry came into Thursday’s action toting a 186 average, but he completed the night with a 233. If my figures are correct, Thompson raised his Thursday’s average to a 207, which moves him to the No. 10 position on the high average chart. He boasts a 195 average on Tuesdays. Jerry’s 700 jumped him into the 25th spot on the high series list.  His highest game of the season is a 253, shot earlier in the year. If memory serves me correctly, J.C. Penney employs Jerry.  

Tying Thompson for second place honors for the week was none other than our Greenville transplant bowler, Mike Fletcher. Mike tossed his third 700 of the season, rolling games of 197, 266 and 237 on Thursday night. The series raised Mike’s average to a 222, which nudged him up the average chart into a first place tie with Classic Lane’s mechanical genius, Wes Campbell. Fletcher holds eighth place on the high series list by virtue of a 748 shot earlier this year, and his highest game, a 267, ties him with five other bowlers for 15th place on the high game listing. Mike is a private contractor in the commercial painting business.

David Gholson and Cliff Whitney both registered 691 series this week, David shooting 223, 180 and 288 for his, and Cliff tossing games of 244,224 and 223, for his.

Gholson, who delivers product for the Welding Store, is averaging 203 on Thursday, 201 on Sunday and 200 on Tuesday. Whitney, who is a retired Air Force veteran, averages 206 on Thursday, 205 on Tuesday and 204 on Sunday. How’s that for consistency? Gholson ranks 14th on the high average chart, Cliff ranks 11th. David’s highest series this season is a 726, 14th on the high series list, while Cliff’s is a 747, ninth on the list. Gholson holds a 288 high game, fifth on the high game list; Cliff boasts a 279, eighth on that list. Whitney shot a 684 on Tuesday. Not a bad week’s work for this elderly gentleman of leisure. 

Becky Spelman took the week off two weeks ago, then decided to get back to business last Sunday, by collecting yet another 600 series. Becky shot games of 199, 216 and 196 for a series of 611. Actually, only one of these games was over her average, the 216, but she was close on the other two, given that her average is a 203. Becky leads the ladies in all of the categories we keep track of here at the center, average, series and game.  As we already mentioned, she holds a 203 average, has shot a 688 series twice this season, and has booked a 270 high game. And she never gets to practice. 

Our second ladies’ 600 of the week was tossed by Amy Sharp. It was Amy’s first 600 of the season. To get it, Amy shot games of 177, 178 and 253 to finish the night with a 608. Ms. Sharp is averaging 181 on Sundays, and her highest game is her 253 from Sunday. 

Lynn Mills is a retired Sulphur Springs city fireman. He likes to play golf, and piddles with bowling. On Thursday night, Jerry, who came into the night’s action with a 175 average, quit piddling and bowled seriously, shooting 150 pins over his series average. Mills rolled games of 235, 200 and 240 to finish the night with a whopping 675 series. His night’s average was a 225. The series is Lynn’s highest of the season, and his 240 third game is his highest game of the season. The 150 pins over his series average should get him an award from the USBC. 

Justin Haggerty must work for somebody, but I can’t find anyone who will claim him. He is a likeable young man, who, on occasion, bowls.  Thursday, he bowled. In fact, he was 130 pins over his series average, shooting games of 256, 216 and 222, finishing the night with his highest series of the season, a 694. Justin’s highest game of the season is a 267, and his performance from Thursday raised his average to a 191. 

Debbie Miller has appeared in this column several times in the past few weeks. This time around, Debbie shot a 540 series, 87 pins over her average, tossing games of 214, 188 and 138.  She averaged 180 for the night, compared to her normal average of 151. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Ace Wiginton and Brad Stone (684), Chad Dailey (678), Jason Parmer (670), Ray Howser and Joe Kirkpatrick (668), Keith Ethridge (666), Tarry Davison (664 Sunday/626 Thursday), Darrell Green (651 Sunday/620 Tuesday), David Soeder and Tommy Fletcher (651), Koy Cline (644 Tuesday/615 Thursday), D.J. Kast (643 Thursday/638 Sunday), Nevil Solomon (640), Jason Keller (633), Russ Nuss (629), David Vansickle and Scott Tubb (627), and David Strain and Steve Edwards (626).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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