Kirkpatrick, Haley, Howser and Keller shatter 700 barrier
Larry Mason

Dec. 6, 2005 - Joe Kirkpatrick, Jeff Haley, Ray Howser and Jason Keller each recorded 700 series this week, while Brad Stone came within three pins of collecting his first 700 of the season, having to settle for a 697. Becky Spelman returned to her winning ways this week, shooting her second 688 series of the season. 

Joe Kirkpatrick led all Classic Lanes’ bowlers this week, registering his highest 700 series of the season, a 772, on Sunday evening. Kirkpatrick shot games of 268, 248 and 256. Joe had one open frame over the course of the evening, missing a 10-pin in the fifth frame of Game 3. That frame was surrounded by four strikes on one side and five strikes on the other. Had the fifth frame been a strike, and everything else stayed the same, Kirkpatrick would have shot an 800 series. Kirkpatrick rolled 28 strikes, six spares and that single open frame in hitting his highest series of the season.

�As it is, Joe�s series moved him into the No. 4 position on the high series list, where D.J. Kast still ranks first on the list with a 789. Kirkpatrick is averaging 215 on Tuesday, 204 on Thursday and 203 on Sunday. He ranks fifth on the high average chart. Joe has a 298 honor score for his highest game of the season, which places him second on the high game list, where he is tied with Ace Wiginton.

Second place honors for the week go to Canton based bowler Jeff Haley, who collected his first 700 series of the season, a 714. The series moved Jeff to 18th place on the high series list, and raised his Thursday’s average to a 199, four pins higher than when the night began. Jeff is now tied for 19th place on the high average chart. Haley’s highest single scratch game is a 269, placing him 13th on the high game list. Haley rolled games of 201, 257 and 256 on Thursday. On the evening, Jeff was 129 pin over his series average.

Ray Howser, captain of the Campbell’s Soup team from Paris, shot the third best series of the week, registering a 707 on Thursday. Ray rolled games of 205, 236 and 266 to book his first 700 series of the season. I believe Ray is still shooting with that 20-year-old ball. Howser is averaging 210 on Tuesdays and 208 on Thursdays. He ranks ninth on the high average chart, 22nd on the high series list, where he is tied with Bruce Michaelson, and his highest game of the year is a 266, which ranks 16th on the high game list.

Our fourth 700 series of the period was produced by Jason Keller, who rolled games of 224, 242 and 236 to finish the night with a 702, his fourth 700 series of the season. Jason ranks seventh on the high series list with a 751, is first on the high game list with a 299 honor score, and ranks second on the high average chart with a 222. He is tied with Wes Campbell. This duo trail average leader, Stephen Spence, by two pins, and hold a one-pin lead over third place average holder, Mike Fletcher. Keller rolled a 627 on Tuesday.      

Brad Stone rolled his highest series of the season this past Thursday, shooting games of 257, 248 and 192, finishing the night’s play with a 697.  Brad entered the action on Thursday averaging 201, but shot a 232 average for the evening. Brad raised his average to a 204, which places him in 14th place on the high average chart. Stone ranks 15th on the high game list with a 275, and is 27th on the high series list by virtue of his 697. Thursday’s 697 was 94 pins above his series average.  

Becky Spelman got back on track this past Sunday, registering her second 688 series of the season, shooting games of 213, 228 and 247. Becky holds first place the ladies’ high series list with her 688, holds first place on the ladies’ high average list with a 203, and holds first on the ladies’ high game list with a 270. Spelman is one of handful of ladies who have booked a 700 series at Classic Lanes, and is the only bowler in center history to shoot back-to-back 700s on the same day, in the same league. Expect to hear more from this lady, as the season proceeds. 

Cindy Causey averages 125 in the Monday ladies’ league, but this last Monday, she averaged 169, having shot a 508 series, consisting of games of 170, 165 and 173. She was 133 pins over her normal series average of 375.  There must be a USBC award in these scores, somewhere. 

Scott Tubb shot 113 pins over his series norm on Thursday, shooting his season’s highest series of 650. Scott shot games of 244, 195 and 211. Scott came into Thursday’s action carrying a 179 average, but shot a 216 when the night was over.  Scott also shot his highest game, his 244. 

For the second week in a row, Debbie Miller turned in a stellar performance, this time shooting 102 pins over her series average. On Sunday night, Debbie shot a 546 series made up of games of 182, 183 and 181.  Her average for the night was a 182. How’s that for consistency? 

Joe Freeman normally averages 186 on Tuesday. His average series is a 558. Last Tuesday, his average was a 216 and his series was a 650. He was 92 pins over his series average.   

Wesley Crist joined the Sunday night league last month. He established a 148 average on his first night of competition. This past week, he rolled a 541 series with games of 148, 214 and 179, and finished the night with a 180 average. On the evening, he was 85 pins over his series average.

Others who bowled well this week include: Gary Davidson (682), Wes Campbell (681), Jason Parmer (679), Ace Wiginton (672), David Gholson (665 Tuesday/627 Sunday), Koy Cline (662), Cliff Whitney (654), David Strain (653), Nick Painter (651), David Vansickle (649), Jesse Haggerty (646), D.J. Kast (645), Tarry Davison (644), Stephen Spence (643), Mark Smith (641), Vincent Smith (639), Darreyl Dixon (634), and Harold McClure (632 Sunday/630 Thursday). 


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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