Cheap Seats
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

Dec. 1, 2005 - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, so I have chosen to take the high road this time and write only of lovely, sweet-smelling articles of good news.

I don't have much practice at this, but here goes:

It's better to give than to receive, so all Ranger fans will feel so much better next year paying those higher ticket prices for a losing team. It's also heart-warming to know that a little bit of every dollar you spend at the ball park will go toward John Hart's extended contract. For being a "consultant" to the team he helped dismantle and embarrass, Hart will reap Ranger dollars until the year 2013. You can thank Ranger owner Tom Hicks for that - he doesn't mind spending your money.

Concerned about his health, Barry Bonds is going on a diet. Bonds says he will lose 40 pounds before spring training to take pressure off his ailing knees. I don't know of any 40-year-old who can lose that much weight in 60 days without some type of amputation or getting off the steroids. I don't think Bonds is having any appendage removed, so you do the math.

The BCS may get it right this year. If Texas and USC can both win their final games, then it appears that the two best college teams in the country will meet for the "national championship." Of course, getting it right every three of four years isn't a good enough percentage. Somebody tell me once again what's wrong with a 16-team playoff bracket.

New Rangers GM Jon Daniels has come close to landing a pair of pitchers. Unfortunately, that's like saying the Cowboy kicker Billy Cundiff came close to making that 34-yard field goal last week. The end result is the same - they both missed. Until Daniels can actually get some pitching help at Arlington, he's a-swinging and a-missing. So what else is new?

Michael Irvin is innocent until proven guilty. OK, maybe innocent isn't the right word.

The Cowboys can play with the best teams in the NFL. But, can they beat the best teams? The philosophy to play close and win games in the fourth quarter may not pay off enough to get the Cowboys to the playoffs. Their record is 7-4 with five games remaining. If they win three of their last five and get 10 victories, it may not be enough to get into the postseason. A loss to the Giants could collapse their entire season.

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