Steele shoots 299 honor score; eight men shoot 10 700 series
Larry Mason

Aug. 16, 2005 - Ricky Steele shot his first sanctioned honor game, 299, on Tuesday night and was one of eight men to shoot 700s in this, the final week of the summer league season. Joe Kirkpatrick shot the week’s highest series, a 778, Wes Campbell rolled three 700 series in five days, and Red Skelton and Richard Thompson collected their first sanctioned 700 series, 723 and 706, respectively.

It was a busy, and very productive week on the lanes. Ricky Steele rolled his first 700 series about a week ago. This week, he rolled his second career 700, and that should have been enough for anyone, except Ricky. Steele fired a 726 with games of 213, 214 - and 299. For his efforts, Ricky will receive a 299 honor ring, a watch for being 150 or more pins over his series average (726/564), and a century patch for being 100 or more pins over his single game average (299/188).

Ricky’s new work schedule will not allow him to bowl in the coming fall/winter season, so last Sunday was his final day on the lanes for sometime to come, so Ricky took advantage of the time he had remaining. Steele move into second place on the high game list, tied with David Gholson, at 299, 12th place on the high series list with his 726, tying him with Mike Fletcher, and he raised his average five pins to a 193, to boot.

Two of our bowlers rolled their first sanctioned 700 series on Thursday night, Red Skelton and Richard Thompson.

Skelton, who has been bowling at Classic Lanes for as long as anyone can remember, shot a 723 made up of games of 265, 223 and 235. His fourth game was a 217, giving him a 940 series. Red averaged 241 for his first three games, and 235 for his four games. He raised his average to a 199, 18th best on the high average list, moved to the 14th position on the high series chart with his 723, and is tied for eighth place on the high game list with a 278. It took some time in coming, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Richard Thompson has been close to getting 700 on several occasions, but always came up just a little short of the mark. This week, he didn’t miss. Richard shot games of 256, 225 and 225 to end the night with a 706. His fourth game was a 181, giving him an 887 for four games. He started the night averaging 199, and ended the evening with a 201. His 706 series moved him to 18th place on the high series list, and his highest game, his 256, moved him to the 17th position on the high game chart. He averaged 235 for his first three games, and 221 for four.

Wes Campbell did something that isn’t all that easy to do, bowling three 700s in the same week. On Sunday, he shot a 703, with games of 246, 199 and 258. He followed that with a 700 even on Tuesday, shooting games of 234, 214 and 252. Then, on Thursday, Wes hit 700 even, again, shooting games of 258, 215 and 228. His fourth game on Thursday was a 234, giving him a 934 for four games. Campbell rolled 10 games, and only one was below 200, and it was that 199. Wes ended the summer league season averaging 227 on Thursday, 215 on Sunday, and 214 on Tuesday.

On paper, he ranked second on the high average chart, one pin behind Michael Carter’s 228, but Michael only bowled one night in one league over the summer, while Wes bowled 12 times in three leagues. Campbell was the most productive of all of the center’s bowlers over the summer. He hit 700 11 times, and 900 seven times. He ranks third on the high series list with a 772, and has a 296 honor game, which ranks fourth on the high game list.

Joe Kirkpatrick, who fired a 778 series on Thursday, rolled the highest series of the week. His series consisted of games of 258, 264 and 256. His fourth game on Thursday was a 233, which gave him a four game total 1,011, only the second 1,000 pin series of the summer. Joe also had the first, a 1,024. Kirkpatrick averaged 224 on Thursday, 219 on Sunday and 211 on Tuesday. He finished four pins behind Campbell on the high average chart, was second on the high series list with his 778, four pins behind leader Jason Keller, and was seventh on the high game list with three 279s. Joe shot a 659 in Tuesday’s championship roll-off.

Ray Howser is still using his 20-year-old bowling ball, and he is still bowling well with it. On Thursday, Howser shot a 741 series with games of 257, 227 and 257. His fourth game was a 225, giving him a 969 for four games. He averaged 211 on Thursdays this season, but on the last night of league, he averaged 247 for his first three games, and 242 over four games. He shot three 700s and two 900s this summer, and placed seventh on the high series list with his 741. His highest game was a 290 honor score, which tied him with Koy Cline for fifth place on the high game chart.

Mike Gilliland found the groove on Thursday, shooting a 731 series made up of games of 220, 235 and 276. His last game was a 223, giving him a 954 for all four games. Mike averaged 214 on Thursday, ying him for eighth on the high average list. He shot two 700s over the summer, ending up in the No. 10 position on the high series list at 731. He produced three 900 series. Gilliland is the only center bowler to shoot multiple perfect games in recent history, having shot two this summer, which gives him bragging rights to the No. 1 position on the high game chart. Wayne Womack, Mike Fletcher and Jason Keller each had one perfect game apiece during the summer.

Cliff Whitney provided our 10th 700 of the week, shooting a 724 on Thursday. Cliff rolled games of 214, 264 and 246. His final game was a 258, giving him a four-game total of 982. This man averaged 214 on Thursdays and 205 on Sundays and Tuesdays. Last Thursday, he averaged 241 in his first three games and 245 for all four of his games. He ranks eighth on the high average list, is 13th on the high series list with his 724, and has a high game of 275, placing him in 10th place on the high game listing. Cliff shot three 900 series over the summer. Last Tuesday, in the championship round, Whitney tossed a 664.

Kari Kramer came through for her team on Tuesday night, helping to carry them to the league championship by shooting 112 pins over her average. Kari rolled games of 163, 168 and 198 for a 529 series. She started the night averaging 139, and her average series was a 417.

Nancy Attaway rolled a 518 on Sunday, rolling games of 162, 184 and 172. Each game was above her single game average of 152. She finished the night 66 pins over her series average.

Others who bowled well this week include: Ace Wiginton (687 Sunday/638 Tuesday), Jason Keller (684), Harold McClure (667), Koy Cline (662), David Gholson (661), Mike Fletcher (652), Wayne Womack (645), and Mark Smith (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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