Wiginton, Campbell, Barba, Kirkpatrick register 700s
Larry Mason

Aug. 9, 2005 - Ace Wiginton rolled his highest series of the summer to lead a quartet of bowlers in the pursuit of 700. Wes Campbell, Eric Barba and Joe Kirkpatrick joined Ace in the chase. Cliff Whitney came close to reaching the mark on three occasions this week, but drew up a little bit short each time.

Ace Wiginton shot games of 256, 235 and 265 on Sunday night to finish the evening with a 756 series, his third of the summer. The performance moved Ace from 14th to fifth place on the high series list. Wiginton is averaging 214 on Sundays 211, on Tuesdays and 203 on Thursdays. He ranks eighth on the high average chart, a position he shares with Neldon Smith and David Gholson. Ace has a high game of 268, good enough to place him in the No. 12 position on the high game list. Ace rolled a 642 series on Tuesday.

Wes Campbell continued his string of 700s, shooting a 713 on Sunday. This makes his eighth 700 series of the summer. He also boasts seven 900 series in the Thursday men’s trio league. Campbell shot games of 247, 220 and 246 to collect his 713. Wes holds the No. 2 position on the high series list with a 772, trailing Jason Keller by 10 pins, is second on the high average list with a 227, one pin behind leader, Michael Carter, and is fourth on the high game list with a 296 honor score. Campbell rolled a 629 on Tuesday and 620 on Thursday.

Eric Barba shot his second 700 series of the summer season, rolling games of 220, 229 and 258 to finish Sunday’s play with a 707 total pin count. Barba’s other 700 series is also a 707. He shares 16th place with David Strain on the high series list. Eric is averaging 216 on Sunday, ranking him seventh on the high average list. Tarry Davison, Wayne Womack and Dickie Harrison are tied with Eric. Barba’s best game for the summer is a 258, which places him in 15th place on the high game list. Harold McClure, Greg Pullen, Matt Arnold and Larry Siegert share the honors with Eric on this list.

Joe Kirkpatrick returned to form Sunday, shooting his fifth 700 of the summer, this one a 701 made up of games of 246, 242 and 213. Joe is averaging 224 on Sunday, 221 on Thursday and 210 on Sunday. His 224 ranks third on the high average chart. Kirkpatrick ranks third on the high series chart with a 761 and has fired three 279 games during the summer, placing him in seventh place on the high game list. He could have very easily had three honor games.

Cliff Whitney missed shooting a 700 two weeks ago, shooting a 695. This time around, Mr. Whitney shot a 696 on Sunday, a 683 on Thursday and a 677 on Tuesday. Any or all of these could have been 700s. Ironically, Cliff has only one 700 this summer, a 723, which ranks 13th on the high average list. He has two 900s in the men’s trio league. Whitney holds a 212 average on Thursday, a 205 on Sunday and a 204 on Tuesday. He and Mike Gilliland are tied for ninth place on the high average chart. Cliff ranks 10th on the high game list with a 275 to his credit.

Julita Richardson was thinking about not bowling in the fall/winter season, but her Sunday performance may change her thinking. Julita shot the highest series produced by a lady during the summer season when she rolled a 685 series comprised of games of 216, 215 and 254. She now holds a 197 average, second only to Becky Spelman’s 207, has the highest series, and ranks second on the ladies high game list with a 254, again, second only to Becky Spelman’s 277.

Speaking of Becky Spelman, she cracked the 600 series barrier on Sunday also, rolling a 624 with games of 220, 192 and 212. Her credentials have already been listed.

Others who bowled well this week include: David Gholson (685 Sunday/615 Thursday), Mark Smith (680), Neldon Smith (677), Duane Anspon (675), Red Skelton (658), Wayne Womack (656), Nevil Solomon (652), Mike Gilliland (651), Richard Thompson (643), Tarry Davison (637), Ray Howser (633), Jason Parmer (628), and Terry Kozeluh (624).


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