Campbell leads sextet of bowlers in 700 chase
Larry Mason

Aug. 2, 2005 - Wes Campbell was the leader of the pack this week, registering a 715 series, his seventh 700 series of the summer. Buddy McClendon, Koy Cline, Ricky Steele, Jason Keller and Matt Arnold joined Campbell in this week’s charge to 700. Cliff Whitney just missed joining the crowd, shooting a 695. Becky Spelman shot the summer’s highest ladies’ series, a 674, while Barbara Siegert recorded a 657.

Wes Campbell just keeps adding to his bowling resume each time he steps on a lane pair. He has rolled seven 700 series this summer, as well as seven 900 series. He carries a 200 average in all three of the leagues he is bowling in this summer, 228 on Thursday, 212 on Tuesday and 210 on Sunday. Wes holds the No. 2 position on the high series list with a 772 and he has produced this summer’s fourth-highest single game, a 296 honor score. This week’s series consisted of games of 223, 246, and 246. Campbell’s fourth game was another 200, a 207, which pushed him to a 922 four-game set for the evening.

Buddy McClendon, one of our Greenville bowlers, contributed the second-highest series of the week, a 710. It was Buddy’s first 700 series of the summer. To get to 710, Buddy rolled games of 213, 243 and 254. His fourth game was a 197, which was enough to propel him to his first 900 four-game series of the summer, as well. Buddy came into the night’s action averaging 190, but when the smoke cleared on Thursday, Buddy’s average had climbed to 194, and his 710 series had bumped him to the No. 14 slot on the high series list. His top summer game is a 254, which places him 19th on the high game list.

Koy Cline produced this week’s third-highest series, a 707, and the center’s 10th honor game of the summer, a 290. Koy registered games of 202, 290 and 215 in reaching the 700 level for the second time this season. His fourth game was a 223, which, when added to his three-game set resulted in a 930 four-game series, his second 900 of the summer. Koy’s Thursday performance resulted in his average jumping from a 198 to a 201, which moved him from 18th to 16th place on the high average chart. His 290 honor score, for which he will receive a wall plaque from the USBC folks, places him in the No. 5 position on the high game listing. Koy’s highest series of the summer, a 735, ranks seventh on the high series list.

Three bowlers tied for fourth place honors this week, shooting identical series of 706. Ricky Steele shot his on Sunday, Jason Keller on Tuesday and Matt Arnold on Thursday. Steele rolled games of 235, 202 and 269, Keller fired games of 226, 247 and 233, and Arnold hit games of 224, 251 and 231. In that Matt shot his set on Thursday, he also had to shoot a fourth game, a 228, which resulted in his registering his first ever 900 series, 934. Not only was it Matt’s first 900, but it was also his first ever USBC-sanctioned 700 series.

Keller ranks third on the high average list with a 222, while Matt improved his average to a 197 and the No. 18 position. Keller is one of four individuals who have shot perfect games this summer, first on the high game list, while Matt has a 258 high game, 15th on the high game list. Keller’s high series is a 782, which is first on the high series list. Matt’s top series is his 706, which ranks 17th on the high series list. He is tied with none other than Steele. Steele’s highest game this summer is a 269, good enough to give his claim 11th place on the high game list. Those of you who followed Texas A&M-Commerce football in past seasons may recall that Arnold was a starting offensive tackle for the team for several seasons. If he bowls as well as he played football, he should be very good.

Cliff Whitney came within five pins of joining this week’s 700 club. On Thursday, Cliff rolled games of 235, 203 and 157, giving him a 695 for his first three games. His fourth game was a 236, that, when added to his three-game total, gave him a four-game total of 931. It was Cliff’s second 900 series of the summer. His highest three-game series is a 723, good enough to land him in 12th place on the high series list. Whitney is averaging 209, which gives him claim to 11th place on the high average chart. Cliff’s highest game is a 266, which lands him in the 12th spot on the high game list.

Three ladies broke the 600 series barrier this week, Becky Spelman, Barbara Siegert, and Julita Richardson. Becky took top honors, shooting this summer’s highest series by a lady, a 674. Barbara came in second with a 657 and Julita finished third with a 621.

Becky started slowly, rolling a 192 first game, but she definitely found the line in the second game, booking a 277, giving her claim to the ladies’ highest game of the summer, also. Her third game was a 205. She was already the top lady in the average category with her 205 when action began Sunday night, and after Sunday’s play, she improved her standings, raising her average to a 207. She now leads the ladies on all of our various lists, average, series and game. When matched against the men, Becky ranks 13th on the combined average chart, holds 26th place on the men’s and ladies’ series list and is in sixth place on the in high game list.

Barbara Siegert had been improving her game steadily this summer. When she completed Tuesday’s league action, she had raised her average to a 182, which moved her into third place on the ladies high average list. She holds the ladies third-highest series for the summer, this week’s 657, and holds the ladies fourth-highest game, a 242. Barbara shot games of 225, 239 and 193 Tuesday.

Julita Richardson tossed games of 161, 236 and 224 on Sunday to capture her 621. Julita is averaging 194, second among the ladies, 21st on the combined average listing, has a season high series 621, third on the ladies list, and a high game of 245, fourth among the ladies.

Joe Freeman came to the lanes Thursday sporting a 179 average. That equates to a three-game series of around 540, and 720 for four games. Joe shot a 662 series in his first three games, 135 pins over his norm, and had a four game total of 896, 176 pins over his four game norm. Freeman raised his average to a 183. His 662 series moved him to the No. 30 position on the high series list. His four games were 241, 207, 214 and 234.

Jeff Wright averages 189 on Thursdays, but this past week, he averaged 214 in his first three games, shooting games of 193, 214 and 236 for a 643 series, and 216 for all four of his games, shooting a 224 in his final game. He had an 867 after four games.

Others who bowled well this week include: Joe Kirkpatrick (683), Keith Ethridge (673), Greg Pullen (668), Dave Gholson (661), and Clinton Cline (640).


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