Dixon bags two 700s, five other get one each - total at 203
Larry Mason

April 26, 2005 - Darreyl Dixon shot two 700 series this week, one on Sunday and one on Thursday, while Jerry C. Thompson and Jeff Haley recorded 700s on Tuesday, followed by Harold McClure, Turk Morgan and Joe Kirkpatrick shooting 700s on Thursday.

This week's 700 production brings Classic Lanes' total for the season to 203. Julita Richardson, this week's top lady kegler, very nearly joined the guys in the 700 club, shooting a 695 on Sunday.

Dixon rolled a 754 series on Sunday to begin this week's 700 charge. It was Darreyl's 20th 700 of the season, giving him the distinction of being Classic Lanes' most prolific producer of 700s this year. In fact, Dixon has accounted for 10 percent of the 700s shot at the center this year. To garner his week's top 700, Darreyl rolled games of 225, 264 and 265 on Sunday, then, to collect his 20th 700, Darreyl rolled games of 249, 235 and 247 on Thursday.

Dixon is now averaging 221 in both the Sunday and Thursday night leagues. His average places him in a three-way tie for second place on the high average chart. Dixon's highest series of the season stands at 782, which lays claim to third place on the high series listing. Dixon's top game is an honor score of 290.

Jerry C. Thompson shot his second 700 series of the season on Tuesday evening, rolling games of 249, 244 and 246 to finish the night with a 739. Jerry's first 700 of the year, a 778, still holds the No. 5 spot on the high series list. Thompson, a retired officer from the USMC, currently holds a 193 average, which places him on the 25th rung of the high average ladder. When Jerry decides to do something on the lanes, he does so in a big way. He is one of those eight people who have rolled a perfect game this season.

Haley collected his second 700 series of the season, a 729, during Tuesday night's mixed league action. Jeff tossed games of 267, 236 and 226. His first 700, a 734, ranks 23rd on the high series list. Haley is averaging 207, which is tied for 13th on the high average list. Jeff's top game to date is a 279, which is tied for the No. 10 slot on the high game listing with 12 others.

Harold McClure holds the distinction of being the individual who rolled the center's 200th 700 series of the season, finishing Thursday's competition with a 724, just minutes ahead of three others bowlers who rolled 700s on Thursday as well. Harold's series was made up of games of 288, 212 and 224. McClure, a lefty, currently averages 207 and has a high series of 729. His high series ranks 25th on the high series listing. His highest game, the 288 from Thursday's play, shares seventh place on the high game list with two others.

Turk Morgan, likely the elder statesman at Classic Lanes, shot many series that were close to 700 all season long, but just never quite got there. That all ended this week when the man shot his first 700 of the season on Thursday evening. Turk rolled games of 263, 211 and 234 to complete the night with a 708. His previous high was a 695. Morgan is averaging 205, 14th on the average chart, and his 708 claims the 33rd position on the high series listing. Turk's top game of the season, a 263, ranks 25th on the high game list.

Joe Kirkpatrick rolled our seventh 700 of the week, registering a 704 on Thursday night. Kirkpatrick, who is averaging 213 and is ninth on the average list, shot games of 210, 204 and 290 in gathering his 15th 700 of the season. His 290 is his season's second honor score. His first, a 298, holds third place on the high game list. His best series, a 760, ranks 10th on the high series list. Kirkpatrick shot a 692 on Tuesday.

The person who came closest to hitting 700 without actually doing so this week was Julita Richardson who shot the highest series posted by a woman this season, a 695. Julita, who has been recovering from wrist, elbow and shoulder problems associated with her throwing arm, has only recently returned to the lanes. She was good when she had to go into semi-retirement; she appears to be even better now that she has had time to recuperate. Julita's games, thrown on Sunday, were 237, 216 and 242. She is averaging 210, placing her in a tie for 11th place on the high average list. She ranks No. 1 among the ladies in average and series, and is 11th on the ladies high game list.

Cliff Whitney came in one pin behind Julita in the pursuit of 700 this week. Cliff fired a 694 on Thursday and a 688 on Tuesday. On Thursday, his games were 203, 245 and 246. On Tuesday, he tossed games of 261, 236 and 191. Cliff is averaging 215 on Sundays, which ranks fifth on the high average chart. He has bagged two 700s this year.

Mike Gilliland came close, but couldn't collect his cigar on Thursday. He missed what would have been his 16th 700 series by eight pins. His series consisted of games of 246, 215 and 231. On Tuesday, Mike rolled games of 199, 219 and 232 to finish with a 650. Gilliland is averaging 216, seventh on the average list, has a perfect game and a 299 to his credit this season, putting him atop the high game list, and claims a high series of 758, 12th on the high series list.

Two other ladies recorded 600s this week, Barbara Siegert and Debbie Carter. On Sunday, Barbara landed a 631 with games of 175, 212 and 244. On Tuesday, Debbie logged a 608 with games of 200, 199 and 209. Barbara is averaging 175, Debbie 189.

Colby Pullen, our Douglas Intermediate fifth-grader continues to prove that he can compete with the big guys. Once again, Colby registered a 500 series, this time a 555. It is his highest series to date, and it contained his highest game of the season, a 224. Pullen increased his average to a 170, seven pins better than his last week's average.

Justin Miller started Sunday's competition touting a 126 average. He tossed games of 154, 162 and 184, all well above his single game average, to finish the night with a 500 series, exactly. It is his highest series for the season. Joining Justin on the bowlers' "first time" honors list is Jill Barber. She was averaging 136 when Sunday night's play began, but she shot three games that were all above her single game average. Barber shot games of 145, 189 and 170 to collect her first ever 500 series, just as Miller did.

Others who bowled well this week included: Russ Nuss (685), Tarry Davison (668 Sunday/630 Thursday), Eloy Chapa (668 Thursday/644 Tuesday), Mark Smith (663), Greg Pullen 657 Sunday/649 Thursday), Keith Ethridge and David Vansickle (654), Steve Edwards (653), Richard Thompson (648), and Jesse Haggerty (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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