Lady Cat golfer's win the district championship on final day of tournament
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

April 12, 2005 - Faced with what was basically a match-play mentality on Monday, Sulphur Springs golfers earned a trip to regional.

In the final of three District 12-4A rounds played at Sulphur Springs Country Club, the SSHS girls more than made up the seven strokes they trailed North Lamar to win the district championship by a surprisingly large margin.

On the boys side, Seth Northcutt and Dustin Gideon finished third and fourth, respectively, in the medalist standings to secure a trip to regional, though the SSHS boys team could finish no higher than third.


The SSHS girls trailed North Lamar by seven strokes after the first two district rounds, but that proved to be no obstacle for the Lady Cats.

With senior Faith Harry firing an 86, which tied for the lowest round of the 54-hole tournament, the Lady Cats caught North Lamar on the front nine, then pulled away to a nine-stroke victory.

Sulphur Springs shot a 372 - the best round of any team in the three-week tournament - to close with a total of 1,155. North Lamar shot a 388 on Monday to finish with 1,164. Greenville was a distant third with 1,322.

All five of the Lady Cats finished in the top 11 individually. Sophomore Whitney McDaniel shot a 92 on Monday to finish with a 277, third-best in the district. Harry was in fourth with a 284, senior Brooke Wilson was seventh with a 298, senior Valerie Walker was eighth with a 300, and sophomore Kylie Littlefield shot a 305 to come in 11th.

On Monday, there was once again just a 10-stroke difference between all five of the varsity golfers plus Jessica Anderson, who shot a 99 in medalist play. Anderson will be on the varsity team for the regional tournament, which is set for April 26-27 at the Doral Resort, because Walker will be out of state for a BPA competition.

"I can't say enough about our kids because they really played well and competed, especially our seniors," said SSHS head coach Rodney Barthelemess. "You don't want to say it's match play, but in reality it is, because you're playing against the team in first place ahead of us."

Harry made up 10 strokes on the North Lamar girl in her group, and Wilson, who shot a 96, made up nine on her competition. Littlefield had her best round of the tournament with a 98, while Walker shot a 102.

"Our kids played pretty good. They knew they had to beat everybody in their group. We were seven strokes out coming into today and we were playing on our home course, and it was important for us to play well," Barthelemess said. "Not only did we make up the seven strokes, we got some extra strokes as well."

He said it was important for all of the girls to play well to keep the grouping tight.

"We've been very consistent all year," Barthelemess explained. "It's not like we've been counting on one or two girls to carry us the whole time. We've got five and even six girls who shot right around 100 or under 100.

"We beat the girls in our group and played well. We were trying to win the district championship, and they did. I'm proud of them for that."


SSHS coach Doug Evans knew that for the Wildcats to make up 15 strokes on North Lamar for the second and final regional berth, that the Panthers would have to give Sulphur Springs some help.

That didn't happen, as North Lamar shot its best round of the tournament (314). So, did the Wildcats (317), but it wasn't enough as SSHS finished in third with a 983 total. North Lamar finished with a 965, while Texas High won the district championship easily with a 906.

For Northcutt and Gideon, though, the day ended with a reward - they finished third and fourth, respectively, to earn a medalist berth at the state tournament. The top six individuals advance along with the top two teams.

Both SSHS golfers fired 2-over 74s - which was bettered only by Texas High's Zack Fischer's 72. Fischer won the medalist honors with a 221 total.

Northcutt, a junior, finished with a 228 and Gideon, a sophomore, with a 229. They each moved up one spot in the final standings with their play on Monday.

Northcutt made his move to secure a regional berth by firing birdies on three consecutive holes - 9, 10 and 11. Gideon, meanwhile, shot a one-under on the back nine that included just missing a six-foot eagle putt.

"I'm extremely pleased with the kids' effort," said Coach Evans. "I'm really proud of Dustin and Seth. They've worked extremely hard for several years and uncountable hours. For them to advance to regional is exciting to them.

"They were trying to take it as low as they could. They both wanted to take it under 70 - and they have done it on this course - but when you combine all the pressure, the conditions, trying to shoot well for the team as well as trying to advance themselves, that's pretty tough."

All five SSHS golfers had their best rounds of the tournament on Monday. Chase Helm shot an 84 to finish with a 257 (17th overall), Sam Dolan carded an 85 for a 269 total, and Rob Russell's 92 gave him a 282 total.

"We would have liked to have the team advance, but considering we were 15 strokes back, even on our home course that's hard to do," Northcutt said.

The SSHS JV squad finished in ninth place with an 1,147 total. They shot a 383 on Monday. Robby Moore was the top JV golfer as he shot a 264 total (92 on the last round). The best final round was Collin Alexander's 91 (294 total). Chris Clark shot a 105 to finish with a 294, Lane McClung's 95 gave him a 295 total, and Matt Y'Barbo shot a 105 to conclude with a 316.

Price Orwosky (105-341) and Hesston Taylor (127-357) played as medalists.

District 12-4A

Final Round

Sulphur Springs Country Club


Team - 1. Texas High 302-307-297-906; 2. North Lamar 322-329-314-965; 3. Sulphur Springs 337-329-317-983; 4. Greenville 335-352-337-1,022; 5. North Lamar JV 319-347-340-1,036; 6. Paris 343-372-334-1,069; 7. Texas High JV 352-381-357-1,090; 8. Mount Pleasant 389-383-365-1,137; 9. Sulphur Springs JV 381-383-383-1,147; 10. Paris JV 418-398-400-1,216.

Top 10 Individuals - 1. Zack Fischer, Texas High, 73-76-72-221; 2. Cabe Prieskorn, Texas High, 74-74-77-223; 3. Seth Northcutt, Sulphur Springs, 78-76-74-228; 4. Dustin Gideon, Sulphur Springs, 79-76-74-229; 5. Chris Chewning, Texas High, 77-81-74-232; 6. Caul Corbell, Texas High, 80-79-74-233; 7. Jon Ross Fowler, North Lamar, 76-77-82-235; 8. Jay Ryan, Paris, 79-84-74-237; 9. Kenton Beal, North Lamar, 80-85-74-239; 10. Steven Wooldridge, North Lamar, 84-79-80-243.

Other Players

Texas High - Gus Brosin 90-78-78-246.

North Lamar - Chance Woodard 82-88-78-248; Cody Dykes 84-93-85-262.

Sulphur Springs - Chase Helm 85-88-84-257; Sam Dolan 95-89-85-269; Rob Russell 97-93-92-282.

Greenville - Chris Haayen 80-84-81-245; Justin Parrish 82-91-92-265; Carlos Delaguardia 83-91-83-257; Trent Jenkins 88-86-86-260; Zack Weaks 99-99-87-285.

North Lamar JV - Jesse Durham 78-95-77-250; Tyler Thompson 78-91-NS; Blake Chadwick 79-95-83-257; Michael Marrs 84-96-91-271; Luke Kregman 89-97-89-225.

Paris - Jared Shelton 87-92-83-262; Ben Fleming 88-96-93-277; Brad Ashmore 89-105-104-298; Travis Chappell 100-100-113-313.

Texas High JV - David Dobson 85-87-81-253; Wes Sewell 86-NS; Jared Phillips 89-87-84-260; Luke Williams 94-97-93-284; Daniel Howland 103-110-99-312.

Mount Pleasant - Tyler Verner 80-84-85-249; Andrew Simons 84-81-81-246; Justin Roberts 105-87-88-280; Tyler Wallace 120-131-111-362.

Sulphur Springs JV - Robby Moore 84-88-92-264; Chris Clark 91-88-105-294; Lane McClung 99-101-95-295; Collin Alexander 107-96-91-294; Matt Y'Barbo 108-103-105-316.

Paris JV - Tyler Little 94-94-106-294; Caleb Ballard 101-102-98-301; Chase Nation 108-99-97-314; Tyler Wade 115-103-99-317; Dylan Ballard 119-120-124-342.

Sulphur Springs medalists - Price Orwosky 121-115-105-341; Hesston Taylor 127-133-127-357; Brooks Roberts, 126-NS.



Team - 1. Sulphur Springs 391-392-372-1,155; 2. North Lamar 387-389-388- 1,164; 3. Greenville 451-425-440-1,322; 4. Mount Pleasant 458-437-446-1,341; 5. Texas High 538-472-507-1,517; 6. Paris 521-NS-NS.

Top 10 Individuals - 1. Allison Felty, North Lamar 90-88-88-266; 2. Megan Johnson, Mount Pleasant, 92-86-90-268; 3. Whitney McDaniel, Sulphur Springs, 91-94-92-277; 4. Faith Harry, Sulphur Springs, 101-97-86-284; 5. Staci Marrs, North Lamar, 94-92-99-285; 6. Trisha Cobb, Greenville, 99-95-98-292; 7. Brooke Wilson 98-104-96-298; 8t. Valerie Walker, Sulphur Springs, 101-97-102-300; 8t. Kelsey Beal, North Lamar, 95-109-96-300; 10. Katy Webster, Mount Pleasant, 107-92-102-301.

Other Individuals

Sulphur Springs - Kylie Littlefield 102-105-98-305.

North Lamar - Kendra Abbott 108-102-105-315; Ashley Bulls 110-107-121-338.

Greenville - Tori Denton 117-95-98-310; Stacey Walker 120-136-135-391; Lauren Francis 121-113-122-355; Brittany White 134-122-122-378.

Mount Pleasant - Amy Johnson 120-118-114-352; Renea Elliott 139-139-NS; Lindsey Lehman 145-NS-140.

Texas High - Samantha Stephenson 120-104-120-344; Ashley Huckabee 137-105-105-347; Jessica Monholland 144-134-140-418; Savannah Thompson 154-129-142-425; Kelsey Groves 137-NS.

Sulphur Springs medalist - Jessica Anderson 122-108-99-329.

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