Classic Bowlers add eight more 700s - Total goes to 179
Larry Mason

April 5, 2005 - Six bowlers shot eight 700 series this week, bringing the year's total to 179. Darreyl Dixon and Ray Howser collected two each, while Jason Keller, Michael Carter, Neldon Smith and Mike Fletcher accounted for the remaining four.

Darreyl Dixon rolled the center's highest 700 of the week, posting a 782 on Sunday evening. Dixon shot games of 257, 247 and 278 in the process. He's in third place on the high series list, one pin less than second place holder Mike Fletcher's 783, and three pins behind series leader Wes Campbell's 785. Darreyl has now rolled 17 700s this season - the most of any bowler - with Sunday's being his highest.

On Thursday evening, Dixon shot his second 700 of the week, this one a 714 comprised of games of 259, 219 and 236. Darreyl is currently averaging 221 on Thursday, 219 on Sunday, and 204 on Tuesday. He is tied with Wes Campbell for the No. 2 spot on the high average list at 221, three pins behind Eloy Chapa and his center-leading average of 224. Dixon has one honor score, a 290, and an additional 11 games that very easily could have been honor scores.

Ray Howser captured his 10th and 11th 700s of the year this week, shooting one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Tuesday's series was a 746 made up of games of 247, 221 and 278, while Thursday's was a 713 comprised of games of 264, 238 and 211. Howser is averaging 217 on Tuesday, 213 on Thursday and 211 on Sunday. He ranks fifth on the high average chart, a slot he shares with Justin Haggerty and Mike Gilliland. Howser holds the No. 6 spot on the high series list with a 776, and is one of a dozen bowlers who share the 10th position on the high game listing at 279.

Jason Keller moved from 30th on the high series list to 17th by virtue of a 743 series he fashioned on Thursday night when he rolled games of 267, 232 and 244. Keller now has three 700s on the season, bringing his average up to 212, which is tied for 10th on the high average chart. Keller's highest game of the season is a 300, making him one of the seven individuals who have rolled perfect games this season. His co-holders are Mike Gilliland, Eloy Chapa, Larry Stovall, Jerry C. Thompson, Bruce Michaelson and Larry Siegert.

Speaking of Michael Carter, he captured the week's fourth-highest 700 series when he rolled games of 238, 233 and 268 on Tuesday night to register a 739, his sixth 700 of the season. Mr. Carter is currently averaging 212, has a high series of 748, 16th best on the high series list and has a high game of 278 under his belt, good enough to lay claim to 11th place on the high game list. I call him Mr. Carter because he is the boss's son, and, as such, he has the authority to fire me.

Neldon Smith and Mike Fletcher tied for fifth place honors in this week's race to 700, both bowlers shooting 715s. Smitty fired games of 236, 244 and 235 in collecting his eighth 700 of the season, while Mike rolled games of 235, 258 and 222 to capture his fifth of the year. Smith's highest 700 is a 738, placing him in the No. 19 position on the high series list, while Fletcher lays claim to the No. 2 spot on the high series list with a 783. Neldon is averaging 213 and Fletcher is carrying a 218. Smith ranks ninth on the high average list while Mike holds fourth place. Smith has a 280 high game, ninth on the high game list, while Fletcher has a 278, placing him in 11th place.

Russ Nuss came within one pin of getting his third 700 of the season, but had to settle for a 699 instead. Nuss rolled games of 216, 230 and 253 in Thursday's competition, producing the sixth best series of the week. Russ averages 209, tying him for 12th on the high average list. Russ's highest series is a 722, 24th on the high series list. Nuss has a high game of 280, placing him ninth on the high game list.

The ladies top performer this week was, once again, Julita Richardson. Ms. Richardson shot games of 204, 203 and 242 to finish Sunday's play with a 649 series. Julita is averaging 204, highest among our lady bowlers and the 16th best average on the combined list. Her 649 is the fourth-highest series thrown by a lady at Classic Lanes this year, and her high game, her 242, is 10th among the ladies.

Josh France rolled his highest series ever on Thursday night, tossing games of 208, 159 and 268 to end the night with a 635. Josh was 140 pins over his series average of 495, just missing a 150 patch, but his 268 game was 103 pins above his single game average of 165, for which he will receive an award from the ABC folks.

Derrell Hurley shot a 556 series on Monday during ladies league play, 169 pins above her series average of 387. She will receive an award for doing that. Derrell shot games of 265, 127 and 164 in the process. She will receive an award for shooting the 265 game as well, since the game was 136 pins above her single game average of 129. Derrell's is the third-highest game rolled by a lady this season.

Charlie Romanat rolled a 556 series herself, this one on Tuesday, shooting games of 236, 176 and 144. She was averaging 136 at the time. She was 148 pins over her series average, and her 236 game was exactly 100 pins over her single game average. She will receive awards for both scores. Charlie's 236 is the 12th-highest game for a lady this year.

Dana Strain continued her mastery of the 500 series this week, shooting a 533 on Monday night. She finished the night 125 pins over her series average.

On Sunday night, Lisa Rodriguez rolled her highest game ever, a 258. The game is the fifth-highest shot by a woman at Classic Lanes this season.

On Tuesday evening, Marlo McKnight, averaging 153 at the start of the evening, tossed games of 204, 177 and 174, to finish competition with a 560 series.

Prior to Thursday night, the youngest ABC-sanctioned league bowler at Classic Lanes anyone could remember was 15 years of age, in the person of Colton Cordell. As of Thursday, however, the youngest ABC-sanctioned bowler in Classic Lanes history is one Colby Pullen, at the ripe old age of 11. Colby attends Douglas Intermediate, making him a fifth grader. On Thursday, he rolled in his first official ABC competition with his dad, Greg, and shot a 431 series comprised of games of 134, 165 and 132. He averaged 143 for the evening.

Others who bowled well this week included: Ace Wiginton (671), Eloy Chapa (666), Tommy Fletcher (665), Turk Morgan (662), Nathan Crist (657), Mike Gilliland (656 Tuesday/650 Thursday), David Strain (652), Lynn Mills (649), Jesse Haggerty (648), Bo Duncan (646), Jason Parmer (644), David Vansickle (643), and David Soeder (639).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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