In the Cheap Seats
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

Sept. 9, 2004 - Fans who traveled to Forney last week saw something they had never witnessed before. You never know when something like it will happen again.

Last week, Chris Person took a handoff and rambled 97 yards for a touchdown. No one had seen a Wildcat run that far without being tackled because it was the longest run from scrimmage in school history.

And, it had been 37 years since anyone had seen a Wildcat player take a punt back 90 yards for a touchdown until Keelan Green did it last week.

You never know when history will happen.

Which means simply that fans who are not traveling to Wildcat games run the risk of missing some very special moments.

Sure, traveling takes on a new meaning this year.

We all know Gerald Prim Stadium is not ready for games. Unless God makes the grass grow faster and thicker on that acre of land than anywhere else in Texas, it may not be playable this season. That in itself is causing some bitter feelings for some parents and fans, I know.

But don't let a short trip out of town to Greenville or Commerce or Mount Pleasant or wherever stop you from being in your place on Friday night.

Instead of looking at is as an inconvenience, view it as an adventure. You can be part of the Wildcat World Tour.

Follow the Wildcats. See the world.

Last year, Sulphur Springs set so many school records, it's hard to fit them all on a page. They're on pace to rewrite several more. But, if you're not into record-breaking, then maybe you'd like to go watch free safety/running back Keenan Clayton, the next Sulphur Springs Division I college player, or several other Wildcats who can make an impact on a college program like Keidric Duffey, Tremayne Jones or Rolaundo Wright, or one of the fastest guys in Texas in Keelan Green.

Some folks simply can't make it to out-of-town games - that's what radio is for. But, hopefully the rest of us will make the short drive to wherever the next home game will be played and be ready to witness whatever history may come our way.

Along the way, we'll see part of the world.

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