Five men register 700s at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

Oct. 12, 2004 - Mark Smith, David Gholson, Vincent Smith, Tarry Davidson and Joe Kirkpatrick bagged 700s at the Classic Lanes this week, extending the newest string of unbroken 700s into a fifth week. Ray Howser came to within eight pins of joining the quintet, rolling a 692 on Tuesday evening.

Smith grabbed his fourth 700 series of the fall season on Sunday night, firing a 731 consisting of games of 217, 278 and 236. Smith now holds the center's highest average with a 226, has the most 700s of any bowler with four, holds the third highest 700, a 745, and is fourth on the high game list with a 278.

For his latest effort, Mark rolled 25 strikes, seven spares, and left two frames unfilled. One of those, unfortunately, was the 10th frame of game one. Smith is currently the center's most prolific scorer, holding a five pin lead over third place claimant, Bruce Michaelson, and a nine pin lead over fourth place holder, Cliff Whitney. Mark booked a 681 series on Thursday evening.

Gholson rolled his second 700 series of the season Tuesday during mixed league play, hitting the pins for a 723. Dave shot games of 252, 232 and 239 in the process. Gholson is one of seven individuals who have rolled multiple 700s so far this year. Gholson ranks 12th on the high average list with a 206. He shares his place with five other men, Turk Morgan, David Strain, Michael Carter, Dickie Harrison and Eloy Chapa. Dave ranks eighth on the high series list.

In collecting his second 700, Dave rolled 22 strikes and 11 spares, and left no open frames. Coming into Thursday's play, Gholson had not left an open frame in six consecutive league games. His record stayed in tact through his seventh straight game, game one of Thursday's action, before he opened in the first frame of game two. It was a good run, Dave.

Davison bowls with us on two nights each week. He must like the challenge presented by the Thursday crowd, because he averages 212 in the men's league, 16 pins higher that he averages in Sunday's mixed league. He shares eighth place on the high average list with two other fellows, Neldon Smith and Alan Roberts. Tarry got his first 700 series of the season, a 717, this past Thursday, shooting games of 247, 256 and 214. His series moved him into 10th place on the high series list, where he joins Michaelson. Davison has a high game of 258 so far this season, 16th on the high game list, where he is tied with Larry Siegert. Tarry rolled 24 strikes and eight spares, and left one open frame in pursuing his 700.

Smith accounted for the center's fourth 700 series this week, collecting 714 pins Thursday night. Vince rolled games of 199, 257 and 258 in getting his second 700 of the season, which just happened to be his highest, as well. His 714 pushed him into 11th place on the high series list. Vince is currently averaging 216, fifth on the high average list, a distinction he shares with Darreyl Dixon, Wes Campbell and Kirkpatrick. To gain his second 700, Smith rolled 22 strikes and 10 spares. He failed to close just one frame.

Kirkpatrick registered his second 700 series of the season on Thursday night, shooting games of 234, 226 and 247 en route to a 707. Joe is averaging 216, fifth on the high average list. He has a 737 high series thus far this season, which ranks fourth on the high series list, and he has a high game of 279 which is good enough to lay claim to third place on the high game category. Joe shares his spot with Dixon and Ray Howser. Kirkpatrick rolled 21 strikes and seven spares, while leaving two frames open.

Howser bowls with us twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, Ray came oh so close to getting his first 700 series of the fall season, rolling a 692. Ray had one open frame in game one, and two open frames in game two. Had he covered any of those open frames, he would have gotten his 700. Howser threw games of 195, 222 and 279. On Thursday evening, Ray rolled a 615 series. In the last two weeks, Ray has shot a 278, followed by Tuesday's 279. Both games could have easily been honor scores. One ball is all that stood in his way. To get his 692, Ray threw 21 strikes and eight spares. He left just those three open frames, and one of those was a split.

Given that Ray is using a bowling ball that is some 15 years old, which means it has no fancy outer shell, or sophisticated inner weight block, his accomplishments are even more significant. Ray is averaging 211, which places him in ninth place on the high average list, has a 279 high game, which places him in third place on the high game list, and his 692 moved him to 15th place on the high series list. What might he do with a newer ball?

On the ladies side of the ledger, we find two ladies who cracked the 600 series level this week, Laura Ballard and Debbie Carter. Laura rolled a 623 on Tuesday, tossing games of 215, 195 and 213. Debbie rolled a 603 during the ladies Tuesday morning league, rolling games of 194, 215 and 194. Debbie is the top averaging lady so far this fall with a 192 in the Monday night league. Laura is currently averaging 190 in the Tuesday mixed league. Carter's top series is a 631, while Ballard's is her most recent 623. Debbie's highest game is a 233, while Laura's is a 222.

Jason Jansen recently returned to bowling after a long time away from the sport. He has been steadily improving, and on Thursday he put it all together. Jason rolled a 634, his first ABC sanctioned 600. Jason shot games of 166, 278 and 190. When the evening commenced, he was averaging 166. His 278 game shoved him into fourth place on the high game list, where he joins the likes of Harrison, Strain, Smith and David Vansickle.

On Wednesday evenings, we offer a family night package that allows individuals to bowl for five hours for $7. As a result, we meet a lot of novice bowlers. Over time, a great many of them have ended up bowling in our various leagues. One such bowler is Don Bartlett. We finally convinced Don that he needed to be a part of our Thursday men's league. In his very first sanctioned league game this past Thursday, Don rolled a 207 game. He finished the night sporting a 172 average. Not a bad beginning.

Others who bowled well this week include: Justin Parmer (673), Mike Gilliland (670 Thursday/654 Tuesday), Harold McClure (663 Thursday/625 Sunday), Nathan Crist (659), Siegert (654), Whitney (653), Ken Sharp (649), and Cline and Richard Thompson (647).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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