Siegert gets first 300; joins three others at 700
Larry Mason

Nov. 23, 2004 - Larry Siegert collected his first perfect game, and was one of four men to shoot 700s this week. Mark Smith, Pat Allen, and Darreyl Dixon joined Siegert in the week's pursuit of the benchmark 700 series. Classic Lanes can now claim 51 series of 700 or better and 518 series between 600 and 699 thus far this season.

Larry Siegert shot his first honor score, a 299, during the summer season of 2003. On Tuesday night, he collected his first perfect score, 300, in his second game of mixed league action. Along with his perfect game, Siegert managed to fashion his first 700 series of the season, a 706, throwing a 204 in game one, and a 202 in game three. According to all of the reports I have received from those who watched Larry's perfect game, he crushed the pocket on his first 11 balls, but his 12th delivery left something to be desired. Apparently, Larry pulled his last ball way off target, to left of his mark, enough so that the ball just barely touched the headpin of the left side.

But it seems that the bowling gods were in a good mood at the time, and decided to reward Larry with his 12th strike, anyway. Ironically, according to all who watched, Larry was so distraught with his toss, that he turned his back to the lane in disgust, and didn't see the resulting pin action that saved him his 300 ring.

In reaching his first 700 series of the year, Larry rolled a total of 24 strikes and nine spares, 12 of his strikes coming in game two, naturally. In the meantime he left two frames open, and both of those were splits. Siegert now joins Mike Gilliland and Bruce Michaelson atop the high game list with his 300 game, and he holds down 14th place on the high average list, joining Tarry Davison, Jerry A. Thompson and David Strain. His 706 moves him to 20th position on the high series, where he is joined by Jason Keller.

Mark Smith, who threw his sixth 700 of the season, this one a 734, had the week's highest series. Mark rolled his series on Sunday with games of 266, 231 and 237. The 266 game could have easily been Mark's first perfect game of the season, but for a split in the eighth frame. Mark shot 25 strikes and seven spares on Sunday, while leaving two frames open, and both of those were splits. Smith ranks third on the high average list with a 218, ranks sixth on the high series list with a 745 and holds down seventh place on the high game list with a 278, an honor he shares with six other bowlers. Mark's sixth 700 ties him with Darreyl Dixon as one of the two most prolific producers of 700s at the point in the season.

Pat Allen had never bowled at Classic Lanes before Thursday evening. With just 10 minutes of practice under his belt, he commenced to deliver a lesson for some of our regular bowlers regarding "reading" a lane, and then adjusting to its "condition." All Pat managed to do was shoot a 719 series, the only 700 shot Thursday night, throwing 28 strikes and four spares, while leaving three frames unfilled. Two of those three were splits. Allen rolled games of 218, 242 and 259 for the night, coming away with a 239 average for all of his effort. He now leads the center in average, is ranked 14th on the high series list and claims 19th on the high game list in a tie with David Soeder. In addition to his never having bowled at Classic Lanes before Thursday night, Pat drove all the way from Longview to bowl Thursday in Sulphur Springs. And we are glad he did.

Darreyl Dixon bowled his sixth 700 of the season on Sunday, on the lane pair immediately adjacent to those being used by Mark Smith when he rolled his sixth 700, also on Sunday. Darreyl threw 23 strikes and six spares to get number six, while leaving three frames, one a split, unaccounted for. Dixon is currently averaging 215, ranking him seventh on the high average list, where he joins Cliff Whitney and Ray Howser. Dixon ranks sixth on the high game list with a 279, a feat he has accomplished three times so far this season. He rolled a 270 in game one of Thursday night's action when he rolled a 678 series. With a little bit of luck, Darreyl could be bragging about at least one perfect game, if not four. He holds fifth place on the high series list with a 746.

Sunday evening, David Gholson came as close to getting a 700 as one can without doing so. Dave shot games of 205, 269 and 225 to finish the night with a 699 series. Had he hit the 700, David would have had his fourth of the year. Gholson tossed 21 strikes and seven spares in Sunday's go around, while leaving just three frames open. Two of his opens were splits. David is averaging 214, and ranks eighth on the high average list. His highest series is a 734, which places him 11th place on the high series list, and his highest game, a 269, places him 13th place on the high game list.

Dickie Harrison rolled a very respectable 699 on Thursday night, recording games of 192, 235 and 243. Harrison's effort was a "clean" series consisting of 19 strikes, 14 spares, and zero open frames. Dickie is currently averaging 207, which places him in 11th place on the high average list, and his highest series, a 726, commands 12th place on the high series listing. Dickie has a 278 high game, which lays claim to seventh place on the high game list, an honor he shares with six other bowlers.

Three individuals, David Strain, Tarry Davison and Jesse Haggerty shot series in the 680s during the week. Strain hit a 683, Davison a 682, and Haggerty a 681. Strain rolled his series on Sunday, as did Davison, while Haggerty performed his magic on Thursday.

On the ladies side of the ledger, we didn't have anyone who broke the 600 barrier, but in reviewing the score sheets, I spotted a lady whom I believe will be doing so very soon. Nancy Attaway started Sunday's action carrying a 115 average. In her first game, she rolled a 116, and then proceeded to follow that with games of 134 and 137, giving her a 387 series for the night and a 129 average. She was throwing a new "fingertip" ball, for the very first time in league competition. Expect to hear more about this lady as the season moves on.

On Thursday night three teammates decided to put it all together, and sat about whipping up on the Classic Lanes team. Shane Quinn bowled his first 600 series, a 616, with games of 249, 212 and 155. The 249 is his highest game ever. Matt Lambert rolled games of 193, 203 and 158 to finish the evening 62 pins above his series average. Teammate Don Bartlett rolled a 535 series, 43 pins over his average.

Others who bowled well this week included: Wes Campbell (678), Vincent Smith (673), Joe Kirkpatrick (671 Tuesday/641 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (659), Cliff Whitney (648), Alan Roberts (646), Neldon Smith (646 Tuesday/636 Thursday), and Jason Keller (644).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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