Four F's capture Sunday mixed league title
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May 4, 2004 -- Four teams qualified for the Sunday Mixed League championship roll-off on April 25.

The Four F's, Whistle Blowers, PITA and the King Pins met to determine which would walk away with the title and the resulting bragging rights.

Nine of the 16 bowlers ended the evening with 600 or 700 series. Leading the way was Tommy Fletcher (731), followed by brother Mike (666), Eloy Chapa (660), Harold McClure (642), Sam Johnson (638), Tommy Dandridge (635), Alan Roberts (617), Julita Richardson (612) and Wes Campbell (600).

To qualify for the championship round, teams had to win one of four nine-week championships. In the event any one of the teams won two or more quarters during the year, those second-place finishers with the best won-loss record would've filled the void. Fortunately, the format wasn't necessary, as each of the finishers won a quarter.

The Four F's led after Game One and stayed in first place throughout the contest, shooting a team total of 2,714 in the championship round, beating their closest competition by 213 pins. They accumulated 992 pins, including 73 pins of handicap after Game One alone, while shooting a 919 scratch series for a scratch-team game average of 229 in Game One. The Four F's first-game score was just too much for the competition to overcome. In Game Two, the team shot an 834 along with an 888 in Game Three.

Tommy Fletcher averaged 243 for the championship after entering play with at a 189 clip, while brother Mike shot averaged 222 for the championship after entering the finale averaging 225. Dandridge brought a 176 average to the table Sunday but rolled a 211 average for the championship. Cindy Fletcher finished the night with a 463 series, 37 pins over her average.

Their closest competitors, PITA, had shot an 813, including 24 pins of handicap, for a scratch team-game average of 197. Chapa began the night averaging 214 but ended the evening averaging 220. All of the games were over his average -- a good thing to have happen in a championship playoff. Richardson commenced play carrying a 190 average and finished with a 204. Her first game was slightly below par, but Games Two and Three were 21 and 45 pins over her single-game average. Johnson finished the night 13 pins below his season's series average of 651. His first game, a 255, was 38 pins over his single game average, but Games Two and Three were performances he'd rather not talk about. Tracie Chapa had difficulty finding her line in Games One and Two but made a big push in Game Three with a 220. PITA finished the night in second place, the same spot they occupied after Game One, shooting a team total of 2,501 in the championship round.

The Whistle Blowers found themselves in third place after Game One, having shot a 776 series, including 33 pins of handicap. They shot a 743 scratch for a team-game average of 185. In Game Two, the team shot an 844, gaining 10 pins on the Four F's, but could only manage a 724 series in Game Three compared to the Four F's 888, and to make matters worse, they were overtaken by the King Pins in Game Three, losing third place honors by four pins. Chebna McClure finished the night four pins over her series average, Tarry Davison 92 pins under, Roberts 17 pins over and Harold McClure 24 pins over.

The King Pins found themselves in fourth place after Game One, trailing the leaders by 268 pins. They shot a 724 series, including 45 pins of handicap. Their scratch series was a 679, giving them a scratch-game average of 169, not something they would want to write home about. Keith Ethridge completed the evening's play two pins over his season's norm, Mark Smith was eight pins under and Campbell was 36 pins below his season's series average. The team did recover well enough in Games Two and Three to move from last to third place at the evening's conclusion.

The highest series in the championship round was the 731 thrown by Tommy Fletcher, as well as the highest game of 269. He finished the night 164 pins over his series average, while teammate Tommy Dandridge completed the championship round 107 pins over his series average. Together, the duo accounted for 271 "extra pins", and the Four F's won by 213 pins.

The Sunday mixed league started last August and consisted of 16 teams and 64 bowlers, 10 who finished the season with averages of 200 or better. Darreyl Dixon carried the highest average at 228 but only bowled nine games in the Sunday league. The highest average over the longest period of time was held by Mike Fletcher, who produced a 225, which he sustained for 39 weeks over 117 games. The next eight highest averages were the property of Johnson (217), Chapa (214), Dickie Harrison (208), Nathan Crist and Harold McClure (206), David Gholson (203), Jason Parmer (201) and Roberts (200).

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