Smith, Dixon, Fletcher grab 700s; continue Classic Lanes string
Larry Mason

May 4, 2004 -- Vincent Smith, Tommy Fletcher and Darreyl Dixon rolled 700s this week, helping to maintain Classic Lanes' string of uninterrupted 700s.

Smith shot his second 700 series of the season Thursday night, a 747, made up of games of 248, 247 and 252. His series was one of the most consistent rolled this season, and Smith is averaging 206, placing him in 12th place on the center's high average list. Smith's 747 series, his highest of the year, moved him into 12th on the high series list, and his highest game, a 279, ranks ninth on the high game list, where he is joined by 12 other bowlers. Smith rolled a "clean" series, meaning he struck or spared in every frame of every game he rolled. He shot 24 strikes and nine spares.

Fletcher saved his best bowling of the season for the last night of the Sunday league. He and his team members had to take part in the league's championship roll-off, and this is where he chose to shine, rolling a 731 series, his only 700 of the season, firing games of 249, 213 and 269. All but one game was above his season's average of 189, and he shot back-to-back 269s in the process, one in the third game of his first series and another in the first game of his second series on Sunday.

Fletcher is now in fourth place on the high game list, where he joins Harold McClure and Mike Gilliland. He raised his average to a 190, and his 731 series moved him into 18th place on the high series list. Fletcher shot 25 strikes, six spares and had three open frames.

Dixon shot his seventh 700 series of the year Thursday with games of 279, 205 and 225 for a 709. He ranks first on the high average chart with a 228 from the Sunday league and ranks third on the high-game list with a 297, a distinction he shares with David Strain. Dixon's highest series is a 783, which lodges him into fourth place on the high series list. In reaching 709, Dixon tossed 23 strikes, 10 spares and had one open frame. A single 10 pin in the fourth frame of his first game is all that stood between Dixon and a perfect game.

Eloy Chapa and Russ Nuss bowled 699s on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

Chapa rolled games of 224, 205 and 270, registering consecutive strikes on his first nine attempts before throwing his 10th ball into the left-hand gutter. He covered his leave with his 11th ball and threw another strike on his last attempt of the evening to finish with his 270. Had Chapa not thrown his "channel" ball, he might have hit his second perfect game of the season as well as his sixth 700 of the year. As it stands, Chapa ranks 18th on the high series list at 731, is sixth on the high average list with a 216 and has a high game of 300, which ranks first on that list, where he joins Darrell Green, Jason Parmer and Wes Campbell. He rolled 24 strikes, six spares and had three open frames, two of them splits.

Nuss shot games of 267, 201 and 231, while his highest game of 279 places him ninth on the high game list and his 200 average is also 18th. Nuss' 699 is his highest series of the season and resides in 31st place on the high series list, where he joins Neldon Smith. He rolled 26 strikes, three spares and had five open frames, two of them splits. A single-pin leave in the ninth frame of Game One stopped Nuss from reaching a perfect game.

Becky Spelman was the top lady bowler for the week, shooting a 693 series Tuesday night with games of 232, 266 and 195. She's the center's top woman in average with a 213, which places her in eighth place on the high average list. Spelman has recorded five 700 series this season and ranks 17th on the high series list with her 732. Her highest game of the year is a 278, which places her in 10th place on the high game list.

Others who bowled well last week include: Paul Maldanado (683), Nick Painter (676), Gilliland and Kelly Shields (670), David Vansickle (668), Cliff Whitney (656), Michael Carter (655), Bruce Michaelson (653), David Gholson (646) and Ray Howser (643).


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