McClure, Gholson, Duncan and Fletcher capture 700s
By Larry Mason

March 30, 2004 -- Harold McClure, David Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mike Fletcher registered 700s at Classic Lanes last week, as the center's string of uninterrupted 700 series continues.

McClure took his time, before finally registering his first 700 series of the season, a 713, with games of 217, 245 and 251, ending a seven-month drought between 700s. He shot 24 strikes, six spares and had two open frames. McClure, one of the few left handers bowling at Classic Lanes, raised his average to a 205, moving him into a three-way tie for 13th place on the high average list. His 713 moved him into 18th position on the high series list, and his highest game of the season, a 267, occupies 16th place on the high game list.

Gholson collected his third 700 series of the year Tuesday night, firing a 708 with games of 229, 255 and 224, raising his average to a 208, sliding him into 10th place on the high average list where he is tied with Michael Carter. Gholson's highest series to date is a 733, placing him 13th on the high series list, while his highest game, a 279, ties him with 13 others for ninth on the high game list. He rolled 23 strikes, seven spares and had two open frames, one of them a split.

Duncan duplicated Gholson's 708 series Monday night with games of 213, 209 and 286. He now averages a 199, placing him 19th and tying him with seven other bowlers. His 286 bounced him into seventh place on the high game list, while his 708 series moved him into 21st position on the high series listing. Duncan rolled 23 strikes, five spares and had two open frames, both of them splits.

Fletcher was the only man to reach the 700 mark Thursday night, shooting a 706 with games of 236, 244 and 226 for his 13th 700 of the year to go along with two 800s. He ranks second on the high average list with his 225, while his highest game is a 299, which claims second place on the high game list. Fletcher's highest series, an 813, places him first on the high series list, and he ranks second on the list of men who have ever shot an 800 at Classic Lanes, trailing only Robert Cleghorn, who holds the center's high series of 859.

Julita Richardson, coming off an impressive showing in the Ladies City Tournament of last weekend, tossed a 652 series Monday with games of 247, 193 and 212. She's averaging 190, 28th on the high average list and has moved to sixth on the high game list by virtue of her 288 tournament high game Saturday. Richardson is tied with two others, Nathan Crist and Tarry Davison, and her highest series, a 697, places her 28th on the high series list.

Tracie Chapa was the only other lady to reach the 600 level Monday night, rolling a 605 and ranks 33rd on the high average list with a 180, where she joins Kathy Vansickle. Chapa has a high game of 247, which claims 38th place in that category, while her highest series, a 636, lays claim to 33rd position on the high series list.

Others who bowled well last week include: Cliff Whitney (679), Billy Painter (668), Greg Pullen (665), Wes Campbell (664), Tommy Fletcher (661), Mike Gilliland (657), Ken Sharp (655), Harold McClure (647), James Parmer and Jerry C. Thompson (645) and Eloy Chapa (642).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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