HCWBA completes 40th annual city tournament
From Staff Reports

March 30, 2004 -- The Hopkins County Womemn's Bowling Association conducted its 40th Women's City Tournament at Classic Lanes on the weekend of March 19-20. The ladies participated in four events: singles, doubles, team and all events.

The tournament is based on a handicap, the WIBC, the bowling organization that sanctioned the contest and dictates that the championships be awarded to the individuals with the highest handicap scores, not to those with the top scratch scores. Here are the results of the competition.

Singles handicap: (Four places)

First Place -- Neice Heavin, 673

Second Place -- Amanda Green, 642

Third Place -- Marlo McKnight, 641

Fourth Place -- MaryAnn Butler, 627

Optional singles handicap: (Four places)

First Place -- Betty Russell, 1,861

Second Place -- Amanda Green, 1,858

Third Place -- Lisa Rodriguez, 1,851

Fourth Place -- Carrie Smith, 1,778

Doubles handicap: (Two places)

First Place -- Amanda Green, Marlo McKnight, 1,248

Second Place -- JoAnn Harrison, Pam Parmer, 1,234

Scratch categories

Singles: (Four places)

First Place -- Dean Hale, 619

Second Place -- Becky Spelman, 587

Third Place -- Julita Richardson, 571

Fourth Place -- Carrie Smith, 561

Optional singles: (Four places)

First Place -- Becky Spelman, 1,835

Second Place -- Julita Richardson, 1,788

Third Place -- Deana Hale, 1,719

Fourth Place -- Neice Heavin, 1,614

Doubles: (Two places)

First Place -- Julita Richardson, Becky Spelman, 1,192

Second Place -- Debbie Carter, Donna Soeder, 998

Team event: (Two places)

First Place -- Big Dogs -- Amber & Amy Sharp, Richardson and Spelman, 2,375

Second Place -- Travelers -- Dorothy Harrison, Betty Russell, Richardson and Spelman, 2358

Top performers of weekend (regardless of category):

High game -- Julita Richardson, 288

Amy Sharp, 255

Neice Heavin, 240

Dean Hale, 227

Becky Spelman, 226

Carrie Smith, 222

Pam Parmer, 220

High series -- Julita Richardson, 652

Becky Spelman, 638

Neice Heavin, 625

Amy Sharp, 624

Deana Hale, 619

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