Kirkpatrick honors with 298; Whitney Pullen bag 700s
By Larry Mason

June 15, 2004 -- Joe Kirkpatrick was the first individual to shoot a 700 series at the outset of the summer season. Now, he's the first person to shoot an honor score in the summer league season.

Joining Joe on this week's list of top performers are Cliff Whitney and Greg Pullen, both of whom shot 700 series during the past seven days. Cliff and Gregg's 700 series continued Classic Lanes' string of unbroken 700s into the fourth week of year five.

In the first week of the summer league play, Kirkpatrick shot a 737 series, the first of the season. This week, Joe booked the first honor score of the summer, shooting a 298 in Sunday's Mixed League. It remains to be seen what other firsts Kirkpatrick has in store for the rest of the summer.

Kirkpatrick finished Sunday's play with a 675 series, consisting of games of 182 and 194 addition to his 298 honor score in his third game. This is Kirkpatrick's first career honor score, for which he will receive a silver and black onyx ring from the folks at ABC.

To get his 674, Joe shot 20 strikes along with eight spares and three open frames. Of course, 11 of his strikes came in Game 3. Those 11 strikes were textbook perfect, and Joe appeared to be taking everything in stride.

Then, he had to throw that last ball. Joe took a little more time setting up for that final delivery, and that was his undoing. He slowed his approach, which caused him to pull the ball inside of his mark. The result was that the ball went "Brooklyn," leaving the 6 and 10 pins. It was close.

Joe ranks sixth on the high average list with his 215, is first on the high game list by virtue of his 298 honor score and is third on the high series list with his 737.

When the summer leagues begin, the prospect of the center's record for uninterrupted 700s continuing always looks "iffy." Not that we don't have quality bowlers in the summer; we do, but we don't have as many bowlers as we do in the fall and winter leagues. So, we come to rely on a handful of bowlers to carry out uninterrupted 700 banner through June, July and a portion of August. One bowler we have to rely on rather heavily of late is Cliff Whitney.

Cliff ended the fall/winter season by shooting our last 700 series. He then joined our summer men's league, and promptly shot a 782 series in the first week. He finished that night with a 1,024 four-game series total and a 256 average. For his 782, the three-game series that counts to the folks in Wisconsin, Cliff shot games of 265, 258 and 259.

On Tuesday night, in mixed league action, he shot a 726, his third consecutive 700. Then, on Thursday again, Cliff shot his fourth 700 in a row, this one a 715. The 726 consisted of games of 244, 205 and 277. The 715 consisted of games of 223, 213 and 279. For good measure, Whitney shot a 257 in his fourth game on Thursday, to finish the night with a 972 series and a 243 average for the evening.

Cliff now holds first place on the high average list with a 249, is first on the high series list with his 782 and is second on the high game list with a 279. In the latter category, he has to share honors with Dickie Harrison.

Since the summer season began, Whitney has rolled 94 strikes, has made 25 spares and has but four open frames in his string of consecutive 700s. The man admits to being 65 "or so" years young, and in addition to being a darn good bowler, he's reputed to be a pretty fair golfer, as well.

We now move on to a discussion about one of our relatively new bowlers, Greg Pullen. Well, he's new when compared to say, Cliff Whitney. Greg only began bowling seriously about two years ago, and but he has been working very hard to learn the finer points of the game, and Thursday night, he finally put his "A" game together.

Greg shot his first career 700 series, a 720. He rolled games of 216, 229 and 246 in the process, and just to dot the I's and cross the T's, he fired a 236 in game four. His four-game series was a 956, which equates to a 239 average on the night. He now ranks fourth on the high average list with his 225, is fourth on the high series list with his 720, and claims eighth on the high game list with a 258. One thing Greg has done a lot of over the past two years is practice, and id has paid off in a big way.

Jason Parmer has been in a slump of sorts for some time now. However, if his recent performances are any indicator, it would appear that he has, or is about to, come back online. On Thursday evening, Jason shot a 697 three-game series consisting of games of 258, 211 and 228. He rolled a 217 in his fourth game to finish the night with a 914 series and a 228 average.

On Sunday night, Parmer shot a 656 series, which isn't anything to thumb one's nose at. However, it didn't appear that Jason was going to do anything when he first started. he shot a 156 in his first game. At the time, he was averaging 213. After he made of couple of adjustments, however, he shot a 256 and a 244, ending the night averaging 218.

Parmer shot 21 strikes, four in game one, nine in game two and eight in game three. He covered four spares, two in game one, one in game two and one in game three, and had six open frames, four of those in game one. he had one open in each of the following games. See what a little adjusting can accomplish.

Jason now ranks 10th on the high average list with a 208, is fifth on the high series list with his 697 and holds eighth position on the high game list with a 258. He shares the honors with five other individuals in the latter category.

Bruce Michaelson didn't have a great outing one week ago, but made a significant comeback this Thursday, shooting a 691 three-game series with games of 248, 227 and 216. Bruce hit a 202 in game four to complete the evening with an 893 series and 223 average for the night.

Michaelson is now averaging 206 and ranks 10th on the high average list, ranks eighth on the high series list at 691, and is 11th on the high game list with a 248.

Others who bowled well this week included Mark Smith (685), Ace Wiginton (6670), Terry Kozeluh (654), Jason Keller (648), Ray Howser (640), Darreyl Dixon (639) and David Gholson (636).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column about the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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