Fall/winter bowling season concludes at Classic Lanes
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June 5, 2004 -- The season began in September 2003 and concluded in April 2004. Over the course of the 36 intervening weeks, the Class Lanes' record of uninterrupted 700 series continued unabated, and a record number of bowlers established personal bests.

A total of 30 individuals were responsible for accumulating 41 averages of 200 or higher by season's end.

Three men ended the season carrying averages of 220 or higher in on or more leagues: Darreyl Dixon (228 Sunday), Mike Fletcher (225 Sunday, 221 Thursday) and Mike Gilliland (221 Tuesday, 221 Thursday).

Seven more individuals concluded the 36-week schedule toting averages between 210 and 220: Bruce Michaelson (218 Tuesday, 212 Thursday), Sam Johnson (217 Sunday), Wes Campbell (217 Tuesday, 212 Sunday), Eloy Chapa (216 Thursday, 214 Sunday, 210 Tuesday), Cliff Whitney (215 Tuesday), Becky Spelman (213 Tuesday), Darreyl Dixon (213 Thursday) and Michael Carter (210 Tuesday).

Those 20 folks who held averages between 200 and 209 by season's end were David Gholson (208 Tuesday, 208 Thursday, 203 Sunday), Dickie Harrelson (208 Sunday, 203 Tuesday), Michael Carter (207 Thursday), Roy Howser (207 Thursday, 202 Tuesday), Nathan Crist (206 Sunday), Harold McClure (206 Sunday, 200 Thursday), Vincent Smith (206 Thursday), Ken Hood (206 Thursday), Neldon Smith (205 Tuesday, 201 Thursday), Turk Morgan (204 Thursday), Paul Maldonado (204 Thursday), Jason Parmer (203 Tuesday, 201 Sunday), Kelly Shields (203 Thursday), Tarry Davison (202 Thursday), Scott Roach (202 Thursday), Ken Sharp (202 Tuesday, 201 Thursday), Russ Nuss (201 Thursday), Andy Priest (200 Thursday), Nick Painter (200 Tuesday) and Alan Roberts (200 Sunday).

Two men, Mike Fletcher and Cliff Whitney, fired 800 series in the 2003-04 season. On Dec. 4, Fletcher rolled the first of two 800s he was destined to bowl this year, an 813. Mike Rolled games of 288, 268 and 257 to end the night with the second-highest series ever bowled at Classic Lanes. Jan. 28, Mike shot his second 800 series, an 800 even, firing games of 256, 279 and 265. Fletcher became only the second person in Classic Lanes' history to roll more than one 800 series at the center. The other was Bobby Matthews. Fletcher finished the season with his two 800s and another 14 700s. Mike ranked first on the high series list.

Cliff Whitney rolled his first ever 800 series on Tuesday, Jan. 13, rolling games of 280, 259 and 265 to complete the evening's bowling with an 801. Whitney became the sixth member of an elite cast of bowlers who have ever shot 800s at Classic Lanes. Robert Cleghorn, Matthews, Fletcher, Jason Keller and Ronnie Strain are the others. Whitney concluded the year with his one 800 and another 10 700s. Cliff ranked second on the high series list.

At least another eight individuals rolled 700 series well within reach of the much-coveted 800. They included Mike Gilliland, Darreyl Dixon, Nick Painter, Sam Johnson, David Gholson, Bruce Michaelson, Jason Parmer and Robert Cleghorn. The first four of these came extremely close to reaching the mark.

Gilliland rolled a career-best series of 786 on Feb. 25, shooting games of 264, 255 and 267. It was Mike's 13th 700 of the year at the time. He ended the season with 17. He finished the season ranked third on the high series list.

Dixon captured fourth place on the high series list with his second-highest series, a 1783. On April 1, Darreyl shot games of 279, 225 and another 279, to end the night six pins below his highest series. Dixon, with a little help from the bowling gods, could have shot one, perhaps even two, perfect games and an 800 series to boot.

Painter accounted for three of the center's 700s this year. One, a 780, moved Nick into fifth place on the high series list. Nick rolled his series on Tuesday, Feb. 23, with games of 276, 268 and 236. As was the case with Dixon, on errant ball toss is all that kept Nick from shooting an 800 honor series, and perhaps an honor game.

Johnson has never shot an 800 series, but on Feb. 22, he came very close with a 775. He rolled games of 258, 232 and 258 to end Sunday's league play with a total that moved him into sixth place on the high series list for the season.

Four men managed to roll perfect games during the year, Wes Campbell, Eloy Chapa, Darrell Green and Jason Parmer. Another 30 came about as close as one can without getting there. Two shot 299s, one shot 298, three shot 297s, three shot 289s, four shot 288s, one shot 286, three shot 280s and a dozen more shot 279.

Leading the charge for perfection was Campbell. Wes collected his eighth career perfect game this year, shooting his most recent 300 on April 25 during Sunday's mixed league. This effort, coupled with the 297 he rolled earlier in the season, moved him atop the high game list. Both scores will result in Wes receiving special recognition from the ABC folks in the form of a 300 game ring for the former and an 11 strikes in a row plaque for the latter.

Chapa shot his third career 300 game on April 20 during Tuesday's mixed league action. Eloy said that he was not pleased with his overall performance for the night, but that the ring for the perfect game made things a little more palatable.

Green has shot two perfect games during his bowling career, both at Classic Lanes. Green tossed his perfect score on Dec. 11. Unlike Chapa, Green managed to maintain his concentration and ended the evening with a 739 series, which was his first 700 of the year.

Parmer collected Classic Lanes' fourth perfect game of the season on Jan. 25. He completed the night with a 720 series. Jason had placed his first 300 game ring in his grandfather's coffin at his burial. It was fitting that he shot another perfect game so that both he and his grandfather could each have one.

Mike Fletcher rolled a 299 honor score on Nov. 13 during the men's commercial league action. His was the first honor game recorded for the year and would be one of three honor scores he would manufacture during the season. If my memory is correct, he is still looking for his first 300 game.

Jerry C. Thompson shot his first honor score on April 8, during men's league play, tossing a 299 honor game in Game 1 of his three-game set, which totaled 739. It was his first 700 of the season. Jerry combined his 299 with games of 256 and 184.

Russ Nuss rolled his first ever honor score on May 13 during men's league action also, shooting a 298 honor game. Russ ended the night with a 722 series, rolling a 190 and a 234 in Games 2 and 3, respectively.

Both David Strain and Darreyl Dixon came to within a single pin of shooting a ring-winning honor score this season. David and Darreyl shot 297s, one pin short of the first honor score, 298, that gets one a ring from the ABC folks. They did, however, receive a wall plaque for rolling 11 strikes in succession.

Mike Gilliland, Harold McClure and Tommy Fletcher all shot 290s this season. To shoot a 290, one must spare in the first frame, then throw 11 strikes in a row. Again, this trio will receive a wall plaque from ABC for their efforts.

Three more guys who came close to perfection were Michael Carter, Ace Wiginton and Mark Smith. This group shot 289s. They didn't hit 11 strikes in a row, but they did shoot 10, which gets them an award from the Dallas Men's Bowling Association.

The highest game tossed by a lady this year came off the hand of Julita Richardson, who fashioned a 288 during the ladies' city tournament back in March. Three men duplicated Julita's performance of shooting a 288, Nathan Crist, Tarry Davison and Nick Painter.

Bo Duncan managed to shoot a 286 high game this season. He was the only person who shot a 286. Could it be that a 286 is one of those scores that is almost mathematically impossible to shoot? We deduced that Bo shot a spare in the first frame, rolled 10 strikes in a row after that, followed by a six count on his last roll. He did receive an award from those folks over in Dallas.

Alan Roberts, Dickie Harrison and Sam Johnson rolled 280s this season, well within the range for a perfect score. Probably the most bizarre of these three was that thrown by Roberts, who was on pace for a 290, having spared in the first frame, followed by 10 strikes. The problem is that Alan dropped his last ball in the right gutter, about eight feet down the lane. Even good bowlers have bad frames now and again.

Finally, a dozen of our bowlers rolled 279s this season. One ball is all that separated these individuals from a perfect game. In fact, 30 people were in range of being perfect. It was a great year.

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