Gholson, Smith, Cordell register 700s at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

July 27, 2004 - David Gholson, Mark Smith, and Colten Cordell each booked 700s this week, helping to continue the center's uninterrupted string of 700s, a string now nine weeks into its fifth year. In addition to the three men who shot 700s this week, 14 additional bowlers shot twenty-six 600s series during the course of the week.

Gholson led all bowlers this week, shooting his second 700 series of the summer, a 749, made up of games of 212, 268, and 269, giving him a three game average of 249 for the evening. For his fourth game, David shot a 267, which, then added to his three game total, gave him a 1016 four game series, and a 254 average for the night. Gholson came into the night averaging 212. David's 1016 four game series is second only to Cliff Whitney's 1024, shot in week one of the men's summer league. David's game two, three and four totaled 804, normally a ring winning honor series total, but, unfortunately, ABC only recognizes the first three games for an honor series when a league is using a four game format, as the men's summer trio league is. The fourth game in a four game series format only counts for individual game awards, not series. At any rate, David did shoot three of the most consistent games thrown this summer with his 268, 269, and 267. Dave rolled 24 strikes, eight spares and had one open frame in games 1-3 to get his 749. He rolled nine strikes more and two spares in game four to claim his 1016 four game series, his third rolled at the center this summer. David had one single open frame, in forty attempts. That open frame was a split that occurred in the fourth frame of game one.

Smith shot his second 700 series this summer on Sunday evening, throwing games of 210, 252, and 279 for a grand total of 741, and an evening's average of 247. Ironically, Mark's first 700 series of the summer, shot in week six, was also a 741, consisted of games of 268, 247, and 227. Smith has improved steadily in recent months and now can claim fourth place on the high average list with a 218, fifth place on the high series list with 741's and fourth place on the high game list, where he is joined by Justin Parmer, Dickie Harrison, and Whitney. Not a bad showing for a guy who only bowls once a week during the summer, and never gets to practice. To get his second 700 of the summer, Mark collected 28 strikes along with two spares, and left four frames open, with three of those being splits.

Tennaged bowling whiz Cordell registered his first ever ABC sanctioned 700 series just last week when he shot a 739 that pushed him into sixth place on our high series listing, two pins behind Smith's 741. Well, this past Thursday, Cordell did it again. Colten rolled games of 211, 212, and 278 to grab a 701 for his three game total, as well as a 233 average for three games. Entering game three, Cordell knew he needed to shoot a 277 to reach the 700 level, and proceeded to do so. Colten struck in frames 1-3, spared in the fourth, then began striking again, hitting the pocket solidly in frame five, continuing on all the way through his second ball in the tenth frame. He needed at least eight pins on his last ball-he got nine. Colten's performance raised his average to a 197, up four pins from last week. Once again he finds himself tied with our most senior bowler, Turk Morgan, along with Darrell Green, Doug Brann and Ken Sharp. Cordell rolled 22 strikes, seven spares, and had two open frames, one of those coming in the tenth frame of game two.

Darreyl Dixon needed an 856 to maintain his Thursday's average of 214. He rolled a 915 and raised his average two pins, lodging him in sixth place on the high average list, one pin behind Gholson and Mike Gilliland's 217s. His three game series, the one ABC recognizes, was a 684 consisting of games of 201, 205, and 278. Not too bad, but, just as Gholson did in arriving at his 804, Dixon shot his best series in games 2-4, a 714, with games of 205, 278, and 231, but ABC won't be sending Darreyl any patches to celebrate his accomplishment. Oh, well. Darreyl's four game total was a 915, his third 900+ series of the summer. He also has a 1007 to his credit.

One other individual, Gary Davidson, also shot well on Thursday, hitting the pins for a 671 series in games 1-3, his best effort of the summer. Still, his very best series, a 748, came in games 2-4, when he shot games of 203, 276, and 269, but, unfortunately, ABC's folks won't accept it. Gary's four game total was a 940, which raised his average to a 200, up six pins from his 194 of last week. Gary averaged 235 on Thursday.

Justin Miller is a 17-year-old young man from Winnsboro. He started bowling just nine weeks ago. Two weeks ago, he was averaging 65. One week later, he was averaging 82. On that Sunday night, Justin rolled games of 143, 123, and 132 for a 398 series and a one night's average of 132. Justin's 398 was 152 pins over his then average of 246, which will result in his receiving a patch from the ABC administrators in Wisconsin.

Chris Williams, like Miller, began his league bowling career just nine weeks ago. Last Sunday, Chris shot his first ABC sanctioned 600 series, a 614. His games were a 168, a 192 and a whopping 254. Chris was 131 pins over his series average, normally a 483, but was 19 pins short of being 150 pins over his series average, so he won't receive any award in spite of his great performance. Adding insult to injury, Chris's 254, thrown in game three of the series, was seven pins shy of the 261 he needed in order to receive ABC's "century" award for being 100 pins over one's game average.

Manuel Berela was plucked for our cast of Wednesday night "open" bowlers nine weeks ago and was coerced into joining our Sunday Mixed league. He has been making steady improvement over the past two months. His current series average is a 402 and his game average is a 134. On Sunday, Manuel rolled a "triplicate", three identical games of 136,136, and 136. He will receive a patch from the ABC to commemorate his accomplishment. We could talk about consistency, but that should be evident.

Others who bowled well this week included: Wes Campbell (674), Joe Kirkpatrick (673 Thursday, 665 Sunday), Whitney (664), Alan Roberts (663), Gilliland (646), David Strain (643), Dickie Harrison (641), Greg Pullen (640), Jason Parmer (628), Jesse Haggerty and Buddy McClendon (627), and Neldon Smith (626).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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