Pullen, Kirkpatrick shoot 300; Six men shoot 700s
Larry Mason

July20 , 2004 - Greg Pullen and Joe Kirkpatrick shot perfect games this week, and five others, Mike Gilliland, Colten Cordell, Cliff Whitney, David Soeder, and Wes Campbell, joined Kirkpatrick in shooting 700s to continue Classic Lanes' string of uninterrupted 700s, now in its fifth year.

Kirkpatrick shot his third honor score of the summer season this past Thursday, rolling a perfect game in the second game of the evening's action. His other honor scores are 298 and 290. Kirkpatrick is the only summer bowler who has shot multiple scores, thus far. Before the night was over, Joe has shot a 732 series, his third 700 of the season, shooting a 215 in game one and a 217 in game three to go along with his perfect game. His fourth game was a lowly 180, but he still completed the night's play with a 912 series and a 228 average. Kirkpatrick registered 27 strikes, four spares, and had three open frames, one a split, to collect his 732 total pins. On Tuesday night, Joe shot a 626 series.

Pullen did not have one of his better nights on the lanes Thursday, that is, not until game number four came around. Greg, who began the night with a 211 average, struggled in games one and two, shooting 176 and 145 respectively. At this point, however, Greg's competitive nature came to the fore, and he shot a 236 in game three to redeem himself, somewhat, with a 557 series and a three game average of 185. In game four, Pullen put it all together, putting eleven well thrown balls into the 1-3 pocket, followed by a what spectators described as a somewhat "cautious" toss on his last delivery, but it got to the pocket, and knocked all ten pins over, giving him his first ever perfect game. Not too bad for a fellow who has been a serious bowler for a little over two years, now. Greg finished the evening with an 857 four game series and a 214 average for the night.

Gilliland had the highest 700 series of the week with his 753. He didn't shoot an honor game, but he did roll three very consistent games, booking scores of 257, 247, and 249. The series moved him to third place on the high series list behind Darreyl Dixon's 759 and Whitney's 782. Mike's fourth game was a 170, forty-three pins below his average, probably attributable to an extended workday and considerable physical exertion. Still, Gilliland collected a 923 for four games, ending the night with a 230 average. Mike rolled 26 strikes, six spares, and had only one open frame. This was Mike's third 700 series of the summer and his second 900.

Our second highest 700 series for the week was tossed by none other than out youngest bowler, 16-year-old Cordell. Colten, who didn't bowl all that well last week, has dropped off of the high average list. When Thursday's play was completed, however, he was back on the list with a 193 average. He did it by shooting his first ever 700 series, a 739, comprised of games of 205, 267, and 267. Colten's fourth game was only a 164, but it was enough to nudge him past the 900 barrier for a 903 four game series, and a 225 average on the night. Colten collected 25 strikes and five spares on his way to 700 number one, while leaving only two frames open.

Whitney recaptured first place on the high average list after Thursday's play, by virtue of his rolling fourth 700 series of the summer, a 732, the third highest series shot this week. Cliff shot games of 215, 269 and 248 on his way to his 732 series, which was the result of his throwing 26 strikes and six spares. He left three open frames with one of those coming as the result of a split. In addition to climbing back atop the average board, Whitney also claims first place on the high series list with a 782 shot in week one of the summer league. On Tuesday night, Cliff shot a 640 series.

Most experienced bowlers will tell you that they bowl "to the level of the competition." Soeder must not have heard this old adage, based on his circumstances last Sunday night. David and his wife Donna were missing two of their team members, and they were competing against a "ghost" team, meaning they had no competition. David and Donna were, in fact, bowling against one another. Mr. Soeder shot a 257 first game, a 234 second game, and a 223 third game for a 714 series, his first ever sanctioned 700. He averaged 238 on the evening. To garner a career high series, David rolled 21 strikes along with 10 spares, and left but one frame open, that being a single pin miss in the sixth frame of the third game.

Last week, when there was a death of 700s, Campbell came through with a 707 and saved the center's 700 string. On Thursday night, Wes shot his fourth 700 series of the summer, his second 700 in succession, firing games of 246, 259, and 103 for a 708 series. Campbell shot 25 strikes and eight spares, while leaving two frames open. One of those opens was a split. On Tuesday night, Wes shot a 674 series.

An old friend dropped by the center on Thursday, Bobby Matthews. Bobby was in town for a visit, and while he was in the center, someone asked him to "sub" for them. Matthew's, who hasn't bowled at the center in nearly two years, shot a 652 three game series, and a 880 four game series. He completed the night with a 220 average, which ranks fourth on the high average list. His four games were 198, 207, 247, and 228.

The team calling themselves "Good Intentions" pounded on the pins all night long on Sunday. To begin the night's outstanding performance, the team's leadoff bowler, Shawna Hall, shot a 440 series, 38 pins over her series average. Her teammate, Wanda Stovall, who bowls second in the lineup, entered Sunday's action toting a 122 average, but before the night was over, she would shot a 512 series, 146 pins over her series average, and she would have a 170 average for the evening. Her lowest game was a 168 shot in game one. Wanda shot a 173 in game two and a 171 in game three. Brett Stovall finished the night's action with a 539 series, 65 pins over his series average. Larry Stovall normally averages a 561 series when he bowls, and he was around that on Sunday, shooting a 580. All of the team members were over their respective individual averages, and the team as a unit was 57 pins over average in game one, 124 over average in game two and 87 pins over average in game three. Needless to say, they won all four points from their opponents. Nice shooting, folks.

Bobby Brown, who bowls with Cordell on Thursday, shot a 668 three game set and an 846 four game set to end Thursday's play with a 211 average. Brown and Cordell are now tied on the high average list with identical 193s.

Others who bowled well this past week included: Ace Wiginton (680), Dixon (667/930), Alan Roberts (659), Gary Davidson (658), Nathan Crist (639) and Neldon Smith (637).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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