In The Cheap Seats
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

January 22, 2004 -- Despite what the talking heads will have you believe, wonderboy Brett Favre has won ... one Super Bowl.

That's the same number as such great quarterbacks as Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler and Earl Morrall.

Even this year, when the Packers had statistically the best running back in franchise history, when they had a pretty decent play-making defense, when the NFC will be represented by the Carolina Panthers of all teams, Favre couldn't rally his team in the playoffs.

In fact, that interception he threw in overtime against the Eagles, which ultimately cost his team a spot in the NFC Championship game, was bone-headed with a capital B-O-N-E. If Quincy Carter had made that same "toss it up and hope my receiver can outjump two defenders" throw, he would have never been allowed on the team plane coming home.

Call it the Curse of the Laydown. Ever since Favre took a dive in the last game of the 2001 season so Michael Strahan could fictitiously claim the sack record, one of my favorite teams is whoever is beating the Packers that day.

As for the old rejoiner, "Brett Favre's just having fun out there," I never see him laughing it up when his team's getting beat.

With the NBA trade deadline less than a month away, Mavericks coach Don Nelson and owner Mark Cuban have to decide pretty quickly whether this team is finally starting to jell or if their recent win streak is just a coincidence.

Trade talks, mostly centering around Atawn Jamison, have been hot for some time because the Mavericks have lacked the same intensity they had last year in finishing off road games. Poor free throw shooting and shot selection will do that to a team.

The question is, does a trade make you better for the playoffs? Does the team, which underwent a pretty significant overhaul immediately before the season began, have it in themselves to reconnect for the second time in less than six months?

That's a question I don't know. I hope Nellie and Cuban do.

With national signing day coming up Tuesday, Feb. 3, Sulphur Springs could have as many as seven players inking committal letters to play football on that day, said head football coach Brad Turner.

To sign on the first day is significant because it means a player was a top choice of that college. All size colleges, from JUCOs up to Division I, will be offering scholarships.

Turner hopes to have a ceremony in the gymnasium that morning with all the signing players and parents present.

Sulphur Springs already has two athletes who have signed softball scholarships this year, Melissa McSheffery and Savana Gibby, and it appears two more softballers will be making a decision soon, said SSHS head softball coach John McCullough.

Oh yeah, softball and baseball practice starts Feb. 2, the same day the UIL will be releasing its biennial reclassification.

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