HKA takes Thursday men's trio championship
Larry Mason

August 17, 2004 - Last week all HKA had to do to win top honors in the men's Thursday trio league was to win two-of-five points from their opponents. They could only grab one.

As a result, last Thursday's opponent, Three Blind Mice, jumped into a tie with HKA for first place. Adding to the confusion, Double H Pro Shop won enough points to jump into the top spot along with HKA and those mice guys. The inability of HKA to take care of business last week necessitated a roll-off Aug. 12. HKA took care of business this time.

Thursday's four-game format roll-off, with three competing teams, posed a small dilemma for the folks at Classic Lanes for a wee bit, but the solution was ironed out in short order. The problem was to come up with a roll-off scenario that would be balanced for all the bowlers. The solution was to place one team on a pair of lanes by themselves, have them bowl a game, then move to the pair of lanes to their right. The team bowling on lanes one and two, after game one, moved to lanes three and four for their second game, the team from lanes three and four moved to lanes five and six for game two, and the team from five and six moved to lanes one and two for their second game. The process continued after each game. In the game four, the teams bowled on the lane pair on which they began the night. Using this rotation technique seemed to work fairly nicely.

In their first game, the ultimate champions, HKA, shot games of 216 by Kelly Shields, 211 by Ace Wiginton, and 202 by Harold McClure. That gave them a scratch total of 613, which combined with their 35 pins of handicap, game them a total pin-fall of 648. The mice shot games of 200 by David Gholson, 203 by Bo Duncan, and 192 by Bruce Michaelson, for a scratch total of 595, which grew to 609 once their 14 pins of handicap were added. In the race for second place, Double H led Three Blind Mice by 39 pins after game one.

In game two, HKA, for the most part put the match away, when Shields fired a 267, Wiginton hit a 234, and McClure tossed a 245, giving the squad a total pin-fall of 781. They added another 181 pins to their lead over Double H and another 136 pins to their lead over Three Blind Mice. Double H could only muster a 600 total pin-fall in game two, and Three Blind Mice could only find 645 pins. At this point, HKA was ahead of Double H by 199 pins and the mice by 191 pins. The mice did take control of second place, however, leading Double H by three pins heading into game three.

HKA didn't do as well in game three as they did in game two, but they managed to knock down 694 pins, 61 more than Double H could muster, and 70 pins more than Three Blind Mice could fashion. Harold shot a 225, Kelly shot a 210, Ace fired a 224. Betcha know now where the HKA came from, right?

The Three Blind Mice came down from the clock in game four, hitting the sticks for a 777 total pin-fall. Gholson shot a 235, Duncan shot the night's highest game, a 287, and Michaelson rolled a 241. In doing this, the mouse team reduced HKA's lead over them to 92 pins from 261, but it was too little, too late. The mice did, however, wind up with second place honors, whipping up on Double H by 273 pins in game four. HKA's fourth game was a 608, and Double H's was a 504.

HKA ended the evening with 2,747 total pins, with Three Blind Mice accounting 2,655 pins and Double H Pro Shop collecting 2,385.

Shields produced the evening's top series, shooting a three-game total of 693 with games of 216, 267 and 210. Kelly came into Thursday's play with a 190 average, well below his and the league's expectations. His 231 average for Thursday night was 123 above his three-game series average. His 267 game in game two moved him into a four-way tie with his HKA teammates Wiginton and McClure, as well as Nathan Crist. Kelly completed the night's activities recording an 887 four-game total and a 221 average.

Shield's teammates, Wiginton and McClure, were just a few pins behind, shooting 669 and 672, respectively. Wiginton shot games of 211, 234 and 224, while McClure recorded scores of 202, 245 and 225. Ace's fourth game was a 194, same as Kelly's, and McClure fired a 185. Both Ace and Harold ended the night with 800s, 863 for Ace and 857 for Harold. HKA was the only team that could boast three 600s as well as three 800s.

The highest four-game total of the evening was a 934, courtesy of Duncan. Bo scored a 647 series in three games, with games of 203, 256 and 188. He followed these with that super 287 in his fourth game. Teammate Gholson finished the night with a four game total of 845, some 35 pins below his average, while partner, Michaelson, could only find 820 pins, eight pins below his average.

Harrison was the only member of Double H Pro Shop to register an 800 series, and 802 to be exact, or a 600 series, a 652. He was right at average for four games, and slightly above average for his first three games. Dickie shot games of 198, 243 and 211 in games one through three, then stumbled in game four, producing a 150, which was 51 pins below his game average.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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