Misfits capture Tuesday Mixed League Championship
Larry Mason

August 12, 2004 - Seven teams rolled in the summer Tuesday night mixed league that began 12 weeks ago. On the final evening of competition, six of them were within striking distance of claiming the league's championship.

Two teams, "Riff Raff" and "Anger Management," were tied for first place, and only two points separated the sixth place team, "Got Er Did," for the first place squads. It certainly appeared that Tuesday's position round would be an interesting one. It was. After the position round was over, three teams were still tied for first place, necessitating a three game roll-off.

Riff Raff, comprised of members Erma Whitney, Debbie Carter, Joe Kirkpatrick and Cliff Whitney, and Anger Management, the team of Amy Sharp, Randy McKnight and Jason Parmer, paired off against one another on lanes one and two to start the night's action. Ace's Girls, made up of members Deana Hale, Dorothy Harrison, Betty Russell and Ace Wiginton, and the Misfits, the team of Donald Wesson, Barbara Siegert, Larry Siegert and Mike Gilliland, locked horns on lanes three and four. Mexico Bound, the team made up of James Parmer, Pam Parmer, Joann Harrison and Dickie Harrison, and Got Er Did, the team of Ken Sharp, Amanda Green, Amy Sharp and Darrell Green, matched up on lanes five and six. Riff Raff and Anger Management came into their match with 25.5 wins each; Ace's Girls had 25, The Misfits and Mexico Bound 24.5, while Got Er Did claimed 23.5 wins for the summer.

When the position round was over, Riff Raff and Anger Management had each won two games of their four game match, Anger Management winning game one 800-791, Riff Raff taking game two 885-881, and Anger Management taking game three 767-739. However, Anger Management couldn't make up the 65 pins they were down going into game three, resulting in their losing total pins by 37 sticks. Both teams still had identical records - 27.5 wins apiece. Riff Raff was somewhat hamstrung by the fact that one of their players was missing from the lineup, and had to be bowled using "blind" scores, the bowlers average, minus ten pins. Riff Raff was led by Joe Kirkpatrick's 661 series comprised of games of 214, 256 and 191, while Anger Management's Jason Parmer shot a very impressive 718 with games of 234, 278 and 206, his first 700 series of the summer.

On lanes three and four, the Misfits took game one from Ace's Girl's 854-812, followed by their taking game two 886-818. The Misfits entered game three holding a commanding 110-pin lead. In game three, Ace's Girl's shot their best game of the evening, downing the Misfits 872-844 to regain 28 of the 110 pins they were trailing by, but it was too little, too late, and they lost by 82 total pins, 2584-2502. With their 3-1 victory, the Misfits moved into a three-way tie with Riff Raff and Anger Management, while Ace's Girls dropped out of the race. Ace Wiginton led his squad with a 640 series comprised of games of 193, 192 and 255, while a trio of bowlers carried the Misfits. Mike Gilliland led the way with a 642 series, followed by Larry Siegert's 631 and Barbara Siegert's 606.

The only way a roll-off could be avoided would be if the team Mexico Bound won all four games of their games against Got Er Did. If they won four, they would be the champions. If they won three of the four games, they would tie with Riff Raff, Anger Management and the Misfits, making it a four-team-roll-off for the championship. Unfortunately for Mexico Bound, they would do neither.

Got Er Did could have squeezed into the roll-off if they won all four games of their match with Mexico Bound. They won the first game, taking away any chance that the guys from the south of the border would win the championship outright. The score was 898-828, giving Got Er Did a 70-pin lead entering crucial game number two. In game two, Got Er Did got 'er done, shooting 819 to Mexico Bound's 798, eliminating the latter from the roll-off, while keeping their own chances alive. However, Mexico Bound won the third game of the match 784-755, returning the favor, by knocking Got Er Did out of the roll-off at that point. Got Er Did won three of the four points for the night, taking total pins by 62 pins, but had to settle for watching the roll-off from the sidelines. Mexico Bound was somewhat hamstrung by the fact that they had only three of their four bowlers present, and had to settle for "blind" scores for the missing member. Justin Parmer led Got Er Did with a 605 series, while Dickie Harrison accounted for 632 of Mexico Bound's total.

In the championship roll-off, Riff Raff led after game one, with 793 pins, followed by the Misfits 784 and Anger Management's 770. After game two, the Misfits bested Riff Raff 833-736 and Anger Management 833-745, giving them an 88 pin lead over Riff Raff and a 102 pin lead over Anger Management going into game three. To solidify their claim to the championship, the Misfits crushed the pins for a third game total of 895, compared to Riff Raff's 796 and Anger Management's 787. The Misfits finished the championship roll-off with a team total of 2,512 versus Riff Raff's 2,325 and Anger Management's 2,302. We congratulate The Misfits.

The top averages for the Tuesday mixed summer league were the property of Cliff Whitney for the men, 212.15, and Deana Hale for the ladies, 188.91. The remaining top scorers for the men Joe Kirkpatrick, 206.94, Dickie Harrison, 201.18, Larry Siegert, 200.75, and Ace Wiginton, 198.47. Mike Gilliland finished the league with a 215 average, but missed having the minimum number of games required, 24, to qualify for the award. Following Hale on the ladies' top average list were Amy Sharp, 176.42, Betty Russell, 174.92, Debbie Carter, 172.37, and Barbara Siegert, 171.22.

The highest scratch series thrown over the course of the league was a 726, rolled by none other than Cliff Whitney. He was followed by Joe Kirkpatrick's 722, Jason Parmer's 718, Dickie Harrison's 685, and Darrell Green's 682. The highest series rolled by a lady was a 634 tossed by Amy Sharp. The second place finisher was Deana Hale, who rolled a 616. Finishing out the field of the top five were, Barbara Siegert with a 606, Betty Russell at 595, and Joann Harrison at 588.

The league's Most Improved bowler award belongs to Jason Parmer for the men, and Joann Harrison for the ladies. Jason increased his average by 16.61 pins, while Joann improved her average by 3.98 sticks. Donald Wesson, Joe Kirkpatrick, Ken Sharp and Ace Wiginton rounded out the remainder of the five-player field with improvements of 12.84, 11.44, 9.65 and 4.97 pins, respectively. Following Harrison on the ladies' list were Deana Hale, with a 3.15 improvement in average, Dorothy Harrison with a 2.61 improvement, Jo Kays with 2.5 increase, and Barbara Siegert with a 1.97 improvement.


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