Jason Parmer hits his first 700 of Summer, Saves Classic's String
Larry Mason

August 10, 2004 - In a week holding two championship position rounds with 10 teams vying for their respective crowns, only one bowler was able to collect a 700 series, thereby continuing Classic Lanes' uninterrupted string of 700s through the last week of the summer leagues' schedule. That one man was Jason Parmer.

Sunday's leagues completed their slate of games for the summer last week. That left the Tuesday mixed league members and the Thursday men's league to complete the summer schedule this week. Eighty bowlers, 14 of them women, had the opportunity to shoot a 700 series to keep the center's string of 700s going through the last week of the summer. Only Parmer was able to come through, and he did it in a league where he has not been stroking the ball all that well, carrying only a 192 average into the finals last Tuesday.

In his first game, Jason fashioned a 234, but it was not the highest game at that point, because Jason's brother, Justin, rolled a 244. Jason, not one to be content with second place, and certainly not second place to his twin brother, brought his "A" game to the lanes in game two, shooting a 278, losing his perfect game attempt in frame five, where he had to settle for a spare on an eight count first ball leave. Entering game three, Jason had 510 pins, and needed to roll a 190 to get his 700. Jason spared the first frame, struck in frames two-four, alternated spares and strikes in frames five-eight beginning with a spare in the fifth, then opened in the ninth frame. At this point, he had a 186 showing, meaning all he had to do was get a total of four pins in the 10th and final frame for a 700.

Jason struck on his first ball in the 10th, threw a nine count on his second, and then closed the action with a spare. He rolled a 206 and finished the night's play with a 718 series. It was, by the way, Jason's first and only 700 of the summer. He certainly picked an opportune time to get it. Jason rolled 25 strikes, seven spares and left two open frames in reaching his 700.

By the way, Jason was on a roll, of sorts, during the last few weeks of the Tuesday league, and ended up winning the league's Most Improved bowler award. Still, his best average came in the Sunday Mixed league, where he averaged a more characteristic 208.

In Tuesday's finals, there were a total of eight 600 series rolled to go along with Jason's 700. Joe Kirkpatrick shot a 661, Mike Gilliland 642, Ace Wiginton 640, Dickie Harrison 632, Larry Siegert 631, Barbara Siegert 606, Justin Parmer 605, and Ken Sharp 602. When Tuesday's championship round began, six teams had a shot at the championship; there were only seven teams in the summer league. When the position round ended, three teams were tied for first place, necessitating a roll-off.

In that competition, three people managed to shoot 600s: Gilliland with a 675, Kirkpatrick 615, and Justin Parmer 600. Jason doesn't want to talk about the roll-off, so don't ask him.

On Thursday night, three of the league's 14 teams had a shot at the championship. "HKA," with team members Harold McClure, Kelly Shields and Wiginton, held a three-game lead going into Thursday's position round, and only needed to win two of the five points being contested to claim the crown. They could only win one.

The second place team, the "Three Blind Mice," David Gholson, Bo Duncan and Bruce Michaelson, took the other four points and moved into a tie with HKA for first place. In addition, "Double H Pro Shop," Harrison, Eddie Ayers and Jason Parmer, took four of the five points from "Triple K," Koy Cline, Joe Freeman,and Greg Pullen, to make it a three-way tie for first place, necessitating yet another championship roll-off, to be conducted next Thursday. I would make the point that things might have been a lot different had Pullen been able to bowl, but an injured left foot kept him out of the competition.

In Thursday's action, Gilliland came the closest to registering a 700, shooting a three game total of 679, with games of 209, 234 and 236. His four-game total was an 861. Following Mike was Wes Campbell, who was subbing for Kelly Shields. Wes rolled a 669 three-game total, shooting games of 238, 211 and 220. Wes's fourth game was a 256, giving him the only 900+ series of the evening, a 925. Jason Keller claimed the evening's third-highest three-game series, a 658, but his primary claim to fame was his 277 first game. Jason's four game total was an 893.

Cliff Whitney started Thursday evening carrying the league's second-highest average, a 219.81. He trailed the league average leader, Gholson, by a mere .05 pins. After the action was over this past Thursday, Cliff had out-shot David 879 to 870 and accumulated just enough pin count to edge Gholson 219.8 to 219.63 to claim the league's first place average award. Cliff's total pin-fall for 40 games was 8,792, while Gholson collected 8,785 pins for 40 games.

Darreyl Dixon began Thursday night with a 250 and followed that with a 225, giving him a two-game total of 475. At that point, Darreyl had the best opportunity to shoot a 700. Unfortunately, all he could muster in game three was a 167, well below the 225 he needed to shoot. He finished the three games with a 642 total and had an 861 for four.

Rounding out the night's list of top performers we find one Jason Parmer. Jason shot a 646 three-game series with games of 231, 202 and 213. His fourth game was a rather lack luster 157, but he finished the night with a four-game total of 803. His efforts, added to those of teammate Eddie Ayers, plus 35 and 31 pins, respectively, were enough to counter Harrison's minus 49 pins, and hold off Triple "X" to move into first the first place tie.

Bo Duncan completed the list of top performers on Thursday, shooting games of 214, 233 and 183 for a three-game total of 630, 45 pins over his three-game series average, 585. He finished the night with a fourth game of 166 and a four-game series total of 796. He and teammates Bruce Michaelson (606/869) and Gholson managed to capture four games from first place holders "HKA" as you already know, to force next week's roll-off. Bo's first two games were critical factors in his team's winning.

And we still haven't crowned the champions. Next Thursday's roll-off should produce some great scores. You're welcome to come watch.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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