Kirkpatrick rescues 700 string at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

August 3, 2004 - Joe Kirkpatrick did what no other bowler was able to accomplish this week - bowl a 700 series. The Sunday night folks could only get to within 24 pins of the mark, when Jason Parmer rolled a 676. On Thursday, the men came to within 15 pins of hitting 700, and one again, the bowler responsible was none other than Parmer. Had it not been for the fact that Kirkpatrick saved the day on Tuesday, the string would have ended.

The Sunday league saw its last action on July 25. Parmer was the night's top bowler, rolling a 676 made up of games of 187, 212 and 277. Terry Kozeluh gave the elusive 700 a run for its money as well, shooting a 668 series, his highest of the summer season. Nathan Crist finished Sunday's night's play with the third-highest series of the day, a 653, followed by Dave Gholson's 643. At any rate, at the close of Sunday night league's last session, no one had shot a 700.

On Tuesday, Kirkpatrick, who had been vacationing in the area, returned to the center with blisters on the tips of his fingers - the ones that go into the bowling ball. He had been bowling out-of-town, it seems, and paid a price. The prospect of his bowling a 700 series, or anything else significant for that matter, seemed pretty unlikely.

All Joe was able to do was shoot a 259 to begin the evening, followed by a 246 in game two and a 217 in game three, to finish the night with a 722. It was Joe's fourth 700 series of the summer. Joe managed to shoot 25 strikes, nine spares and had but one open frame. All of his spares were single pin leaves, 10-pins or four-pins. His single open frame was the result of a "chop" of a 4-7 leave. Maybe there's something to be said about having blisters on one's fingers.

Kirkpatrick has four 700 series to his credit this summer. He had also shot three honor games, a 290, a 298 and a 300. Joe received a plaque from the folks at ABC for the first game, and for the second and third he received rings. Joe ranks seventh on the high average list with a 210, is eighth on the high series list with a 737 and is tied with Greg Pullen and Mike Gilliland for first on the high game list with a perfect 300. Thursday, Joe shot a 651.

On Thursday evening, Parmer shot the night's second highest three-game series, a 685, and had one of only two four-game 900 series, a 905. His first three games were 266, 224 and 195, and his fourth game was a 220. Jason presently ranks 12th on the high average list with a 204 from Sunday night. Parmer ranks 14th on the high series list with a 698, and his highest game so far this summer is a 280, which places him third on the high game list.

Ken Sharp and Cliff Whitney both rolled 679s on Tuesday night. Ken, who has been struggling somewhat recently, tossed games of 214, 245 and 220 to collect his 679, while Whitney shot games of 267, 187 and 225 to gather his. Whitney regained the number one spot on the high average list, besting last week's top spot holder, Wes Campbell, by two pins. Sharp is currently averaging 197 and in 18th place on the high average list, where he is tied with teenage bowler Colten Cordell, Darrell Green and Nevil Solomon. Actually, Whitney has to share the top average spotlight with David Gholson, a guy who has been absolutely burning the lanes up of late.

All Gholson has managed to do in the last two weeks is to shoot four consecutive 260-plus games on Thursday night, hitting a 1,016 last week and a 946 this week. Gholson's three highest games this week were 268, 231 and 258, which had been thrown consecutively, in games 1-3, would have given him a 757 three game series. Unfortunately, the scores came in game one, game three and game four. Bear in mind that this is the same guy who shot an 804 three-game series in games 2-4 last week. In addition to being tied for first place in average, David has the summer's fourth-highest series, a 749, and had a high game of 269, which ranks eighth on the high game list. His three-game series on Thursday was a 688, highest for the evening, and he rolled a 643 on Tuesday. Gholson has some of the more experienced bowlers looking over their shoulders.

Dickie Harrison put together games of 279, 198 and 201 on Tuesday to complete the night's play with a 678 series, 22 pins shy of the 700 mark. It was Harrison's second 279 of the summer. On these two occasions, one pin is all that separated Dickie from a perfect game.

On the ladies' side of the ledger we find Barbara Siegert, who shot games of 197, 234 and 201 to register a 632 series Tuesday evening. Barbara is averaging 178 for the summer, has a high game of 234 and a high series of 632, all coming as the result of Tuesday's play.

Others who bowled well this week included: Kozeluh (668), Campbell (663 Tuesday/624 Thursday), Crist (653), Parmer (637), and Turk Morgan and Bo Duncan (629).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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