Campbell, Chapa perfect at Classic Lanes
By Larry Mason

April 27, 2004 -- Wes Campbell tossed the eighth perfect game of his career Sunday, while Eloy Chapa added his third 300 game Tuesday to bring Classic Lanes' perfect game total to four for the season.

Michael Carter, Mike Gilliland and Mark Smith booked 700s to keep the string of uninterrupted 700 series in tact for another week.

Campbell's perfection occurred in Game Two of the Sunday night league championships. He shot a 192 in Game One and a 166 in Game Three to finish the evening with a 658 series. He's currently averaging 217, which places him fifth on the high average list, where he is tied with Sam Johnson. Campbell has a high series total of 735, putting him in 14th place on the high series list. He rolled 24 strikes, two spares and had seven open frames.

Chapa tossed his 12 strikes in Game One of a three-game series of 653. He lost his line to the pocket in Games Two and Three, rolling a 164 and a 189, both well below his season-high average. Though Chapa wasn't pleased with his series for the night, he still gets his third 300 ring from ABC. He did manage to roll 22 strikes and six spares, but he had five open frames. Chapa rolled a 699 series Sunday for good measure, shooting games of 219, 266 and 214. He is first on the high game list, ranks 16th on the high average list with his 216 and is 17th on the high series list with his 731.

The top series producer for the week was Carter, who shot games of 266, 289 and 182 to finish the evening with a 737 series, his fifth of the season. He now ranks 10th on the high series list, ranks ninth on the high average list with his 210 and is fifth on the high game list with his 289. Carter tossed 23 strikes, five spares and had three open frames. Nineteen of his strikes were recorded in his first two games.

Gilliland knocked down 730 pins Thursday, firing games of 256, 226 and 248. He has now accumulated 16 games of 700 or higher to date and is third on the high average list with his 221. Gilliland's highest game is a 290, placing him fourth on the high game list, a spot he shares with Harold McClure. He rolled 25 strikes, eight spares and had only one open frame, a split.

Smith collected his second 700 of the year Thursday night in men's league action, shooting games of 235, 257 and 212 for a 704 series. He's averaging 196 and ranks 22nd on the high average list and has a high series of 723, placing him 22nd on the high game list, where he is tied with Dickie Harrison. Smith has shot a 289, which ranks fifth on the high game listing and ties him with Michael Carter and Ace Wiginton. He shot 19 strikes, 10 spares and had no open frames. Smith shot a "clean" series, meaning he had no open frames the entire night.

The top lady bowler for the week, and the only one to fashion a 600 was Debbie Carter, who registered a 693 with games of 201, 255 and 237. She averages 187 and moved up the high series and high game lists by virtue of her performance. Carter's high series is her 693, and her high game is her 255.

Others who performed well last week were: Jerry C. Thompson (687), David Vansickle (676), Tommy Fletcher (655), Mike Fletcher (654), Harrison (649), Cliff Whitney (645), Sam Johnson (643) and Nathan Crist (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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