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Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

April 8, 2004 -- From the Things Never Change Department: Three errors in three games for Rangers' second baseman Alfonso Soriano, who should try fielding with a leather mitt rather than an iron skillet on his left hand.

From the I Guess Some Things Do Change Department: Three quality starts by Rangers' starting pitchers. Watch them now, with that success rate, they'll all be traded for veteran outfielders before the month is out.


Glad to see that Mavericks coach Don Nelson took all of our advice about getting better defensively and burned it in a big bonfire. Nelson has done what he knows best -- putting his best scoring lineup on the floor and making other teams match up with him.

Why not? If you can't adjust to other teams, make them adjust to you.

It may not take the Mavs far in the playoffs -- or then again it might -- but it sure is more fun than what we were watching.


From the What's the Moral of the Story? Department: Barring injury, Barry Bonds will some season soon pass Babe Ruth and then Hank Aaron in the all-time homerun race, proving cheaters do sometimes win. Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa -- all have skirted legitimacy in their desire to hit more and longer homeruns.

It's all been done with the blessing of so-called commissioner Bud "Light" Selig, who may mouth his opposition to performance-enhancing drugs and steroids and their effects on MLB records and statistics, but Selig cares more getting his toupee on straight than about the traditions of baseball. He is without a doubt the worst commissioner in the history of professional sports.

Selig has single-handedly made what used to be America's Pastime into a bastion of mockery and derision. There is not a single move he has made in his decade of being a commissioner that has benefited baseball.

Sadly, cheaters do win when they are aided by buffoons.


While on the subject of baseball, how many Opening Days can one sport have? Apparently, four, if you are Major League Baseball.

In Selig's world of "Hold on while I reload so I can shoot myself in the foot six more times," MLB opened last week in Japan --Asia, that is -- then this week on Monday except for that Sunday night game. And, oh yeah, some teams didn't play until Tuesday.

And people wonder why the Great Game is losing fans.


The latest word out of Valley Ranch was that Cowboy All-Pro tackle Larry Allen wasn't reporting to training sessions. That didn't worry the Cowboy brass, though. It seems Allen was told not to come in so that he would be injury-free when the team cuts him or trades him.

Custer got a better endorsement from Sitting Bull.


Butch Burney is the sports editor of the News-Telegram. His column appears periodically.

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