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True Blue: Area quartet brings jazz standards back to life

When the subject of jazz comes up, most people think of New Orleans, St. Louis or Greenwich Village in New York City. Hardly anyone thinks of jazz as an option in rural East Texas.


‘Down By The River’ a musical tour of Mac McAnally’s Southern roots

Mississippi native Mac McAnally is more comfortable behind the scenes rather than the bright spotlights. “Because of where I come from, I am so bashful,” McAnally told me during an interview in 2008. “In truth, I will not perform unless there's absolutely no one else on the stage. If there's a pet on stage, I will defer to that and become the side man.”


Regina Spektor: Queen of quirky music is Far out

Picture this: a short, curly-haired brunette sits down at a grand piano. She begins to bang out a few chords; they’re playful, but in a minor key. Suddenly, a creamy soprano streams out of her mouth effortlessly.


Shakira: Genre-bending pop sensation releases her inner wolf

How many contemporary artists are worldwide pop sensations who maintain their creative integrity even under the scrutiny of the harshest critics? One.


Jazz, the Great American Songbook and Don Henley: Scottish siren Carol Kidd shares her musical passions

Inspiration for feature articles can come from the most unexpected places. On the way home a couple of weeks ago, I was tuned into Seriously Sinatra, Channel 75 on Sirius-XM radio, when I heard a girl singer doing a really soft, sensuous take on Frank Sinatra’s signature saloon ballad “Angel Eyes.”
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