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Nothing new - or interesting - under the moon

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While checking the New York Times besteller list a few weeks back, I ran across an intriguing title. “The Girl Who Chased the Moon” sounded like something Alice Hoffman would dream up, so I ordered it.

I wish I had realized no one writes as well as Alice Hoffman (Turtle Moon, Practical Magic, Second Nature, The Ice Queen and the Oprah selection Here On Earth). It would have saved me an evening of frustration.

Teenager Emily Benedict comes to live with her grandfather, a giant among men, literally, after her mother dies unexpectedly.

She takes her mother’s room, a place where the wallpaper changes to match her mood, meets a strange young man with a mysterious secret and makes friends with neighbor Julia Winterson, a woman compelled to bake cakes – a lot of cakes.

The stereotypical characters, hidden secrets and eventual “sifting out” of the book’s plots left me relieved it was finally over. I’ll stick with Hoffman, who gives her readers moondust magic every time.





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