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DELIVER US FROM EVIL: Baldacci delivers rough, realistic international thriller

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Make no mistake – there is evil out there. But the world is just a bit safer with good guys and gals like “Shaw” and Regina “Reggie” Campion hunting the bad guys down.

In “Deliver Us From Evil,” the second “Shaw” book by best-selling author David Baldacci, the bad guy is former Soviet Union henchman Fedir Kuchin, who staged his death and disappeared to Canada, where he’s taken the name Evan Waller. Waller’s made a lot of money in the sex slave business and is now toying with the idea of selling uranium to Muslim terrorists.

Shaw is an American operative under deep cover, with no first name and a sketchy personal history. Shaw’s superiors have their sights set on Waller because of his dealings with the Muslim extremists.

Campion works with an underfunded clandestine group in England. She’s on the hunt for Waller because of his gruesome history under the Soviet regime.

In a recent News-Telegram interview, Baldacii shared his views on “covert operations” like the ones in his book.

“I’d like to think that there are organizations out there that fill in a gap where legitimate agencies can’t tread. I’m not into vigilantism per se but I also am into justice. Reggie’s group came to mind based on my reading of the Nazi hunter organizations, with the twist being that Reggie’s group also performs the judge, jury and executioner roles.

“Shaw’s group is probably more imaginative, but if you think of “snatch” missions that go on across the world, sometimes using special forces groups or even outside contractors, it’s not so much of a stretch to think that a G8 funded organizations like Shaw’s is a viable concept.”

A less experienced story teller might have had difficulties meshing the two plot lines, but Baldacci’s skills are to the task of bringing Shaw and Campion together to nail Waller/Kuchin.

In addition to weaving a real nail-biting thriller, with Shaw and Campion, Baldacci has created two characters that we’ll hopefully see again. And again.

Warning: Explicit, graphic sexual situations and violence




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