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Grass Roots: Stuart Woods at the top of his game

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Once upon a time, Stuart Woods was a crackerjack author. He wrote great stories, with likable characters and plausible plots.

Such is the case with Woods’ 1989 “Grass Roots,” now available in paperback.

Georgia attorney Will Lee works as the chief of staff for U.S. Senator Ben Carr. After eight years, Lee feels he’s ready to put his hat in the ring when the state’s other senator decides to retire.

On a quick trip to his hometown, Lee is appointed as the defense in a racially-charged murder of a young black woman. The sheriff’s case seems iron-clad, but Lee is determined to do the best job he can for his  young, white client.

Then, Ben Carr has a devastating stroke, rendering him unable to fulfill his duties, leaving the door open for Lee to run in his place.

Although the book was written in 1989, Woods does a great job capturing the ins and outs of a state-wide campaign. Dirty tricks, double-dealing and a determined opposition test Lee at every turn.

Add a high-powered romance that has to be kept under wraps, the messy fallout from the suicide of Lee’s campaign manager and a radical movement dead set on keeping Lee from living until the election and you have a hard-to-put-down, highly entertaining book.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we could get the Stuart Woods who wrote “Grass Roots” to show up and pen some new titles?




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