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Baldacci: The man of many plots

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Mega-best selling author David Baldacci turns his sights on the Washington, D.C., police force in his new book, “True Blue.”

Mason “Mace” Perry, the daughter of a famous U.S. Attorney, has just been released from prison.

Someone framed her because she was too good at her job as a member of the Narcotics and Special Investigators Division on the mean streets of the nation’s capitol.

Beth Perry, D.C.’s Chief of Police, believes in her sister’s innocence, but is powerless to help her restore her good name.

Almost immediately after her release from jail, Mace gets involved in “unofficially” investigating the murder of a U.S. Attorney who made some big time enemies when he was defending members of the New York underworld. Is this murder connected with the death of an attorney in a high-tone law firm who was found stuffed in the office’s refrigerator?

Baldacci is good at juggling a lot of storylines, but he over reaches with “True Blue.”

There’s a bad girl U.S. Attorney who is hell bent on keeping Mace off of the force forever. There are a couple of rogue FBI agents on a killing spree. There’s a bad guy pushing all the buttons. There’s an attorney, Roy Kingman, who makes a good living in private practice, but finds something lacking in his life. And, then there’s Mace, trying to get her life back, trying to find a way to become a member of the “true blue” club again.

Hard to stay focused on so many balls in the air. Too bad, because I really liked Mace and hope Baldacci brings her back in a less frenetic story.




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