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Nameless Detective: This time, the case is personal

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Writer Bill Pronzini has been at his craft since 1966, so he knows his way around a mystery. For years, his protagonist was known only as “The Nameless Detective.” In the past few volumes, however, Nameless has fallen in love, gotten married to a lovely woman named Kerry and has been identified as Bill. Bill lives and works in and around the San Francisco area. He worked alone for years, but has recently taken on a couple of partners.  

  In his new book, “Hellbox,” the case is personal.

     Bill and Kerry are looking for a vacation home near Six Pines, in the Sierra foothills. They have fallen in love with a cabin and plan to make an offer. Their plans are upended when Kerry goes missing after a morning walk. Understandably, Bill is frantic and enlists the help of the local authorities – or tries to. The local boys are busy solving the murder of the wife of one of the small community’s builders.  
     Bill calls in his associate, loner Jake Runyon, and they begin to track a ruthless kidnapper who is capable of more than just abduction. Will they find Kerry before the criminal goes over the edge?
     Pronzini doesn’t need fancy scenery, fast-paced action or steamy sex scenes to tell his stories. He didn’t get to be a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America by resorting to tricks. He tells a story straight up better than just about anyone in the business.





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