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Jewish grandmother provides inspiration for great stories

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Bestselling author Ilene Beckerman (“Love, Loss and What I Wore,” “What We Do for Love,” and “Makeovers at the Beauty Counter of Happiness”) has written a touching tribute to her Jewish grandmother.

Beckerman begins “The Smartest Woman I Know” like this:

Whoever said there’s nobody as smart as an old woman must have known my grandmother, Ettie. If she had been born in the late twentieth century instead of the late nineteenth century, she probably would have been the superstar of advice bloggers.

Beckerman and her sister, Tootsie, lived with their grandparents above the family candy store in upper Manhattan.

The small book is full of stories about famous customer’s of Goldberg’s, including Sara Delano Roosevelt, the mother of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Beckerman also shares a story about a high society matron who spent hours looking a fashion magazines but who never purchased one.

The book also contains Ettie’s advice on everything from faith to what men to date:

Everyone needs to believe in something. I have always been able to count on my faith in the power of Vaseline, chicken soup and the Talmud.

So you listening, God? Boils, blood, lice, wild beasts, pestilence, hail, locusts, darkness, slaying the firstborn – that’s nothing compared to what I go through with in a week with Mr. Goldberg.

Don’t waste your time on somebody who’s not a doctor unless he’s a dentist.

This book would make the perfect “just because” gift for your wise grandmother or anyone who brings guidance and a sense of humor to your life.




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