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LEFT NEGLECTED: What if one side of your world disappeared?

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Sarah Nickerson has it all. She’s got a great job, fine husband and family, a fabulous house on the outskirts of Boston and a country home in New England. However, the perfect life Sarah’s made for herself isn’t quite what she originally envisioned. She works non-stop, has little time for her children and has lost touch with her husband.

On a rainy morning, late for work, Sarah has a car accident that leaves her with brain damage.

Sarah’s condition, called “left neglected,” leaves her unable to  recognize anything on her left side, including her hands and feet.

As she struggles to cope with a new reality, Sarah’s previously absent mother returns to care for her. Their relationship has been strained, at best, and it’s really put to the test here, as the two women  re-learn their roles in each other’s lives.

According to Simon and Schuster’s website, author Lisa Genova “graduated valedictorian from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University.” In addition to knowing her way around the science of the mind, Genova proves her skills as a writer, following Sarah on her journey of letting go of the material things that used to define her and latching on to what really matters.




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