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New Stone Barrington story: Light, easy reading

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Stone Barrington's new adventure offers a few hours of fun reading.

Fans of dashing, single, sophisticated Barrington will find themselves in familiar surroundings in the new Stuart Woods book, “Strategic Moves.”

The book opens with our hero late for dinner at Elaine's, his favorite New York eatery. His buddy and former partner, NYPD Lt. Dino Bacchetti, is there, along with Bill Eggers, managing partner at the very prestigious firm of Woodman & Weld. While they're enjoying a cocktail, Eggers presents Barrington with a check for $1 million and an offer to join the firm as a full partner.

If he accepts, Barrington will be responsible for handling the Strategic Services account - a major player in the security business - and all the danger a relationship with them represents.

In “Strategic Moves,” Barrington gets mixed up in a Madoff-like scam on Wall Street, the kidnapping of an elusive arms dealer and the murder of a new lover. Toss in a flying Mercedes and you have a recipe for several nights of easy  reading, a few laughs and, of course, an ending where Barrington lands on his feet, solves the mysteries, saves the world from the bad guys and enjoying the good life.




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