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Selfish characters drive dull, tedious story

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When 16-year-old Nora Lindell goes missing from her hometown one Halloween evening, the boys who lusted after her have a difficult time adjusting to her absence.

In fact, after reading Hannah Pittard’s novel, “The Fates Will Find Their Way,” it’s a wonder how the snarky Romeos survived to adulthood.

They fantasize constantly about Nora. In one scenario, she left with a man who raped her and left her under a pile of leaves. In another scenario, a pregnant Nora makes her way to Arizona, gets a job in a diner and marries an old Mexican. In yet another daydream, Nora goes to India and becomes a belly dancer.

We follow the development of Nora’s baby sister, Sissy. She seems to take up where Nora leaves off, seducing all the boys in town and leaving them with broken hearts.

We never know the narrator’s name, but we certainly come to learn his whiny, sex-obsessed voice in the book’s 243 pages. He and his buddies are the most self-absorbed, selfish characters to appear in print in recent memory.

If Pittard is the future of modern fiction, we’re in a world of hurt.




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