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Don’t believe everything a publicist tells you

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When I was asked for an interview with Tana French, the talented author of “A Faithful Place,” a publisher’s representative politely replied, saying  French was working on a new book, with no time to chat.

In the alternative, the rep  offered me a couple of titles by Sophie Hannah, someone who “was very much like French.” I told her to ship the copies to me.

Wow. If Sophie Hannah and Tana French are in the same league, I’m a size 2.

I tried three times to read “The Dead Lie Down,” thinking each time that maybe I hadn’t given the author a chance to unfold the story about a murder that never was.

I couldn’t get past an early scene where one of the main characters doesn’t stop to remove a sharp rock from her shoe, leaving her with a gaping, bleeding gash in her foot the whole time she is telling a police detective about her boyfriend, a confession, and a woman who is not dead, but very much alive.

Anyone stupid enough to walk around while a rock gouges a hole in their foot is not worth my time. Or yours.




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