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Vince Bell - A Songwriter's Sojourn

A good song can take a lot of beating, doggone it ...
It can take what anybody can lay into it.
It’s hard to whip a good tune.

– Vince Bell

When Lyle Lovett was touring in support of his new CD, “Natural Forces,” he opened the show with “Sun and Moon and Stars,” a song written early in the career of Texan Vince Bell. Lovett said he recorded the song as a tribute to Bell, one of his mentors. For audience members familiar with Bell’s story, it was a particularly touching moment.


U is for Undertow: Not the best chapter in the popular Kinsey Milhone series

In a recent interview for Time magazine, author Sue Grafton said that Kinsey Milhone, the hero of her long-running alphabet series, is “the person I might have been had I not married young and had children. I always say that I’m just like Kinsey Milhone unless you don’t like her, and then I disavow any connection.”



Guy Clark - A songwriter's sojourn

There’s always room
for good songs.
– Guy Clark

Interviewing Guy Clark is not an easy gig. The native Texan is shy, soft-spoken and reticent to talk about himself.

Grass Roots: Stuart Woods at the top of his game

Once upon a time, Stuart Woods was a crackerjack author. He wrote great stories, with likable characters and plausible plots.


The Sweethearts' Knitting Club: Lots of romance, little substance

Fans of the romance novel have a new title to add to their lists.

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