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Tristan & Isolde: Dallas does Grand Opera

The Dallas Opera has moved into the stratosphere with its current production of Richard Wagner’s “Tristan & Isolde.” For those who love grand opera, it just doesn’t get any better.


A Songwriter’s Sojourn: New book shines light on the genius that was Townes Van Zandt

When journalist Brian T. Atkinson was sent to Galveston in 2003 to cover the sixth annual Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997) wake for No Depression, he never imagined his first magazine assignment would result in his first book.


An intimate look at the private side of a very public personality

Public life was so much a part of the late Molly Ivins that it might be difficult to think of her as a gracious hostess, fabulous cook and generous friend.


Harry Bosch is back, with two tough cases and a complicated personal life

Michael Connelly has spent the last couple of years tending to Mickey Haller, the Hollywood defense attorney whose stories have made a successful jump from the New York Times best sellers list to the big screen, due in part to Matthew McConaughy’s brilliant portrayal in “The Lincoln Lawyer.”


Unpacking 'Cold Dog Soup': The misery and magic of Guy Clark's poetry


There’s no better look at the life of a starving artist than the lyrics of Guy Clark’s 1999 song “Cold Dog Soup,” reinterpreted by James McMurtry on “This One’s For Him,” a 2-CD tribute to Clark released on Dec. 6 by Icehouse Records. The lyrics are spoken during the verses, with a haunting melody sung during the chorus.

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