Oklahoma native Keith Anderson struck gold and platinum with his second CD, 'C'MON!'

C'MON! - Keith Anderson's second CD is no flash in the pan

By TERRY MATHEWS, News-Telegram Arts Editor

Sept. 14, 2008 - I didn't know about Keith Anderson until this summer when the "I Still Miss You" video was released. I liked the song, so I decided to find out more about country's latest rocket. Here's what I've discovered.

Keith Anderson can do it all. He can write a good country song. He can sing the heck outta a lyric. He can handle fame, thanks to his small town upbringing. Plus, he's drop dead gorgeous.

In a recent telephone interview with Anderson, talked about his second CD, "C'MON!" (Sony - $16.97) and about the rocket ride his career is having.

"It's been a blast going out there and promoting the album," he said. "On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm doing radio, and on Thursday through Sunday, the band and I are on the road doing shows for the fans."

The title cut from "C'MON!" is a great party starter. It'll get you outta your chair and make you do a jig or two.

"Break My Heart" is a guy's answer to all the whining girls do when a guy does them wrong. It proves that girls can be pretty mean, too.

"Girls can get away with being mean," Anderson said. "So, we decided to do a song telling girls to 'go ahead, break my heart.' We'll live through it."

"Somebody Needs a Hug" is a Southern boy's answer to a girl's bad day. Gotta love that remedy.

"She Coulda Been Mine" is like the final song in the "Every Time I Hear Your Name" - "I Still Miss You" trilogy. The love affair is over. His long-lost love has married to someone else and seeing her little girl breaks his heart all over again.

"Sunday Morning in America" is a snapshot of what's happening across the country on any given Sunday.

"I Still Miss You" takes on new meaning when you learn that Anderson lost his mother, Janice, to brain cancer this summer.

"It was written as a break-up song, but this year, it has changed for me," Anderson explained. "Doing the video was tough."

"Crazy Over You" is a new kind of love song. Not a ballad, but there can be no doubt that the guy is head over heels over his new girl.

Anderson wrote Big & Rich's hit "Lost in This Moment." I wonder how many brides have picked this one.

"Closest I've Ever Been" tells about a brush with death and makes you think twice about making stupid decisions.

"I Ain't Hurting Nobody But Me" didn't sound rock 'n roll enough for the label. Anderson had to convince them it was worth a try.

"That song almost didn't make it on the record," said Anderson. "The record people told me it sounded 'too country.'"

It's a good thing he fought for it. Anderson's got a great set of pipes and the band's tight vocals behind him prove that he's no flash in the pan. It's one of the best moments on the CD.

Anderson's the real deal. He's smart. He knows his way around a lyric and he cares about the writing process. He's going to be charting for a long time, which is perfectly okay with his fans - particularly his female fans - because they're head over heels, too. It doesn't hurt that he's a really nice guy. He's warm, funny and quick to laugh at it all, including his cute self.

Anderson is the headliner at Star Night at the Hopkins County Fall Festival, Saturday, Sept. 20.

Tickets are on sale now at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center box office. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Ticket sales have been brisk, but good seats are still available. Opening the show for Anderson will be Exit 110, a band from Cumby. Call 903-885-8071.


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