Zi-Karryus Ivery, 7, is thrilled about his new house shoes, one of a number of items he picked out during a shopping spree courtesy of Make A Wish Foundation and Wal-Mart. Elouisa Grayson (center) was one of five Wal-Mart representatives who assisted wish granters Tammy Miller (right) and Linda Gulley in conducting the event.
Staff Photo By Jessica Worth

Make-A-Wish takes boy, 7, battling bone cancer on a shopping spree

By FAITH HUFFMAN, News-Telegram News Editor

Oct. 28, 2008 - Zi-Karryus Ivery may not have gotten his first wish, but the 7-year-old battling cancer still had a blast shopping for clothes, shoes, a Halloween costume, toys and games Monday, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.

Ivery has been battling osteosarcoma for the past two years, and his mother this summer learned that the bone cancer has spread. In July, he began treatment at M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston for two new tumors.

Zi-Karryus, also the son of Cameron Ivery, was diagnosed in the spring of 2006 with the bone cancer which causes tumors in his thigh bone. A portion of the tumor was surgically removed that year, but doctors were unable to get all of it. He had chemotherapy that spring and summer, which meant his mother was unable to work so she could get him to and from Dallas for treatments and care for him between times.

Ross had gone back to work part-time but about three months ago had to quit in order to ensure her son gets the care he needs.

Make-A-Wish first contacted Zi-Karryus' mother, LaKenya Ross, about a year ago about sending him to Disney World -- his first wish -- but Ross had to decline because Zi-Karryus' condition, prevents him from traveling. When the organization tried again, with the same result, they went to Plan B.

Ross asked if her son could instead go on a clothes shopping expedition. A phone call or two later and a shopping spree was hatched, according to Linda Gully, who along with Tammy Miller had the pleasure of notifying the family their wish of was granted and then of accompanying them.

Zi-Karryus, his mother and younger brother, LKyron Cork, 4, were picked up at their residence in a limousine, donated by Moonbeams in Greenville. They were driven to Pizza Inn for a pizza supper, and the restaurant also donated change so he could play games.

"He was so excited, he hardly ate anything," Gulley said.

Then, it was on to Wal-Mart, where the family and pair of wish granters were greeted by Wal-Mart representatives Ron Snyder, Eloisa Grayson, Joyce Davis, Kevin Carraway and Stan Francis. In addition to the more than $1,000 Make-A-Wish spent on Zi-Karryus, Wal-Mart also presented his mother with a $250 gift card for family needs. Make-A-Wish also purchased items for LKyron.

Right off the bat, Zi-Karryus spotted some colorful Halloween cupcakes that went into the buggy. He got shirts, pants, a jacket, a new pair of shoes, pajamas that light up, and house shoes. He also got to pick out a Star Wars Halloween costume and light saber, and his brother got a Transformers outfit. Both also got the latest Ben 10 Omnitrex watch, and Zi-Karryus picked out a number of video games. The boys also found bedding sets for their rooms, and Ross picked out a TV and DVD/VCR unit for the family.

Before the family left, staff at Subway provided sandwiches and Icees for the boys to take home.

Gully said the shopping spree was not as extravagant an expedition for the small family as it would have been for some, but it was one Make-A-Wish was only too glad to help with.

Anyone wanting to make donations to assist with with Zi-Karryus' medical costs may do so at First Convenienc

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