Early voting ends - general election set Tuesday

By FAITH HUFFMAN, News-Telegram News Editor

Nov. 2, 2008 - The early voting period concluded Friday, leaving registered voters only one more opportunity to cast ballots in school, county, district, state and presidential elections.

Ballots may be cast from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4, in Hopkins County at the polling place which corresponds with each voter's assigned precinct box on their voter registration card.

Voters are reminded to come early to avoid long waits in line for their turn casting ballots, and to have either their orange-peach colored voter registration card and or a photo identification card in hand when entering the polling place. Having voter cards or ID out when entering the building makes it easier for election officials to verify voter eligibility, and also speeds up the voting process, cutting down on the length of time voters have to wait for other people to dig it out of wallets, bags or clutches when they get to the polls.

"Voters will have to have identification when voting," said County Clerk Debbie Shirley, who currently serves as the county's elections administrator. "It really speeds up the process and makes the line go smoother if voters will help out by having their stuff ready."

Polling places for the Nov. 4 election in Hopkins County, in order of precinct, location, address and city, are:

? Precinct 1 -- Our Savior Lutheran Church, 1000 Texas St., Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 1A -- City Hall, 125 South Davis St., Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 2 --?VFW Hall Women's center, 1103 Whitworth St. Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 2A -- Senior Citizens Center, 150 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 3 -- New Beginnings Fellowship Church, 155 North Jackson St., Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 3A --?Grace Family Church, 1901 East Loop 301, Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 4 -- Central Baptist Church, 840 Connally St., Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 4A -- League Street Church of Christ, 1100 South League St., Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 5 -- Saltillo Community Center, FM 900, Saltillo

? Precinct 8 -- Reilly Springs Community Center, 503 County Road 2439 ES, Sulphur Springs (located in Reilly Springs community)

? Precinct 11 -- Cumby Community Center and Fire Station, 101 Main St., Cumby

? Precinct 12 -- Sulphur Bluff Community Center, FM 71 NS, Sulphur Bluff

? Precinct 13 -- Como Community Center, downtown Como,

? Precinct 14 -- Pickton Community Center, 521 County Road 417 ES, Pickton

? Precinct 16 -- Miller Grove Community Center, 658 FM 275 WS, Cumby

? Precinct 17 -- North Hopkins School, 1994 FM 71 W, Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 20 -- Ridgeway Union Church, 224 County Road 4786, Sulphur Springs

? Precinct 23 --?Weaver Baptist Church, 782 County Road 531 SS, Saltillo

? Precinct 24 -- Dike Community Center, 674 FM 69 ES, Dike

? Precinct 25 -- Brashear Community Center, 160 Fm 2653 ES, Brashear

? Precinct 36 -- Arbala Community Center, 550 FM 1567 WS, Yantis

For a list of local polling places visit the county website: http://www.hopkinscountytx.org/ and click on either "November 4, 2008 Voting places" or "click here to view voting locations." Voters may also click on the link to view the new website in progress, with some information there as well.

For more information about voting and elections in general, including election night returns, visit the Secretary of State web page at: http://www.sos.state.tx.us.

Due to the elections, Hopkins County Clerk's Office will be closed to all business except election business on Tuesday, Nov. 4, but will resume regular hours Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Among the contested races and propositions on this year's general election ballots, in order of office/election, candidates/choices, are:

? Miller Grove Independent School District Trustee Election (choose up to four) -- Doug Hall, Lewis Russell, Johnny Burns, Eric Mabe, Rolanda Hasten

? Miller Grove tax rate rollback election (ad valorem tax rate of $1.32 per $100 in MGISD for the current year, a rate that is $0.13 higher per $100 valuation than the school district rollback tax rate) -- For, Against

? Sulphur Bluff Independent School District Trustee Election (choose up to four) -- Toney Hurley, Billy Emerson, Jimmie Emerson, Terry Goldsmith, Russell VanBibber Jr., Troy Emerson

? Saltillo Independent School District Trustee Election --?Trustee Place 1: Kim Jones Moore, Ron Prather, Yvonna Goldsmith

? Cumby Indpendent School District Tax Rate Rollback Election (ad valorem tax rate of $1.26584 per $100 valuation in CISD for the current year, a rate that is $0.13 higher per $100 valuation that the school district rollback tax rate) --?For, Against

? Como-Pickton Consolidated Independent School District Tax Rate Rollback Election (ad valorem tax rate of $1.17 per $100 valuation in the C-P CISD for the current school year, a rate that is $0.13 higher per $100 valuation than the school district rollback tax rate.) -- For, Against

? County Commissioner, Precinct 1-- Republican Beth B. Wisenbaker (incumbent), Democrat John W. "J.W." Ragan

? County Commissioner, Precinct 3 -- Democrat Republican Ronald Reed, Democrat Don Patterson (incumbent)

? Sheriff -- Republican Norman Sanders, Democrat Charles "Butch" Adams (incumbent)

? District Judge, 62nd Judicial District -- Republican Erwin A. Cain, Democrat Scott McDowelll (incumbent)

? State Representative, District 3 -- Republican Kirby Hollingsworth, Democrat Mark Homer (incumbent)

? Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 -- Republican Cathy Cochran, Libertarian William Bryan Strange III

? Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 -- Republican Paul Womack, Democrat J.R. Molina, Libertarian Dave Howard

? Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 -- Republican Tom Price, Democrat Susan Strawn, Libertarian Matthew E. Eilers

? Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8 -- Republican Phil Johnson, Democrat Linda Rayna Yanez, Libertarian Drew Shirley

? Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7 -- Republican Dale Wainwright, Democrat Sam Houston, Libertarian David G. Smith

? Chief Justice, Supreme Court -- Republican Wallace B. Jefferson, Democrat Jim Jordan, Libertarian Tom Oxford,

? Railroad Commissioner -- Republican Michael L. Williams, Democrat Mark Thompson, Libertarian David Floyd

? United States Representative, District 4 -- Republican Ralph M. Hall, Democrat Glenn Melancon, Libertarian Fred Annett

? United States Senator -- Republican John Cornyn, Democrat Richard J. "Rick" Noriega, Libertarian Yvonne Adams Schick.

? President/Vice President -- Republicans John McCain/Sarah Palin, Democrats Barack Obama/Joe Biden, Libertarians Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root.

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