Base salaries would rise about 15% under HCSO pay referendum

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June 19, 2008 - The salaries of Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office employees would rise about 15 percent under the proposed pay referendum being sought by members of the Hopkins County Law Enforcement Association.

The base pay for the second-in-command, the Hopkins County chief deputy, would be higher than the county sheriff under the proposed salary increases.

The sheriff’s base pay is currently $46,567. The chief deputy’s pay would rise to $48,946.30 under the proposed increases.

The sheriff would still make more money per year due to an $825 per year longevity benefit, however. Current Sheriff Butch Adams has been in office since 1997.

The law enforcement association announced Tuesday it would seek 3,000 names on petitions to call for a public vote on the salary increases.

A look at some of the current pay levels of the sheriff’s office and what those numbers would rise to under the proposed referendum:

Position Current Salary Proposed

(years with HCSO) Salary

Chief deputy $42,562 (21 yrs.) $48,946.30


investigator. $38,000 $46,000


investigator $37,800 (9 yrs.) $44,841.95

Special Crimes

Unit Officer $35,800 $44,841.95

Deputy Lt. $$36,757 (21 yrs.) $43,700

Deputy sergeant $35,000(11 yrs.) $42,269.40


civil process $35,482(19 yrs.) $40,804.30


assistant $31,918(18 yrs.) $36,705.70

Jail administrator $40,347 (13 yrs.) $36,399.05

Deputy corporal $29,505 $36,230.75

Deputy (entry level) $29,505 $33,930

Jail records clerk $29,151 (16 yrs.) $33,523.65

Chief dispatcher $28,949 $33,291.35

CID secretary $28,206 $32,436.90


(entry level) $24,592 $28,280

Jailer (entry level) $23,996 $27,595.40

Receptionist $21,469 $24,689.35

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