Police warn some crimes rising with the mercury

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June 3, 2008 - Traditionally, as the mercury rises in the spring and summer, seasonal thefts and other crimes do, too. This year is no exception.

Since Sunday, police have taken reports of three vehicles being broken into with a window smashed out and a woman's purse stolen from each.

The first incident was Sunday night at a South Broadway Street restaurant. The car was parked behind the diner when a window was broken and a purse taken from the floorboard.

Two others were reported a few blocks up the street.

One woman reported finding her passenger window broken and her purse, temporary checks and an MP3 player stolen from the floorboard between 3 p.m. Sunday and 12:07 a.m Monday.

Another woman, whose vehicle was parked less than 20 yards from the second crime scene, told police virtually the same story. Money, a credit card and make-up were stolen with her purse, which was lifted out of the passenger seat and removed through a broken window between 10 p.m. and midnight.

Police investigators urge everyone, particularly women accustomed to leaving their purses in their vehicles, not to leave anything of value visible inside a vehicle. If items must be left in car or truck, lock them in the trunk or a toolbox out of sight where they aren't a visible invitation to nefarious strangers bent on benefiting from others.

Also, be sure to lock vehicle and storage building doors as easy access often appears a welcome invitation to burglars, according to investigators.

"People often say, "I don't want them to tear up anything. If I don't do anything they won't,'" said Sulphur Springs Police Investigator Bo Fox. "That's just not true. Criminals most often will take the path of least resistance. Don't leave items out and please lock your doors."

It might also be a good idea to close garage doors and secure gas caps, as well. Police took a report of a carport storage area being broken into over the weekend, and deputies over the weekend also recently have received several reports of gas thefts and some building burglaries.

It also it wouldn't hurt to secure farm equipment and items that normally might be left in pastures or out in the open, just as an added precaution.

Also, don't leave home windows and doors open when away, as that, too, can attract untoward characters.

If you see someone suspicious near your property or bothering someone else's, contact the nearest law enforcement agency to have an officer or deputy check it out.

The Sulphur Springs Police Department can be reached at 903-885-7602, and the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office at 903-439-4040.

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