City Worker Manuel Hernandez smooths out the concrete after the first of five big concrete pours are made Wednesday on Main Street, part of the beautification project downtown. The sidewalks will be done later, and the street will be covered with brick with a concrete center stripe, according to City Manager Marc Maxwell.
Staff Photo By Angela Pitts

Main Street rebuild right on schedule

Work crews pour concrete this morning; project 'looking good at this point'

By BRUCE ALSOBROOK, News-Telegram Managing Editor

July 2, 2008 - The project to buid a new and improved Main Street is right on schedule, City Manager Marc Maxwell told City Council members Tuesday night.

"The piers for the street lights have been installed, the conduits for the lights and electrical outlets have been installed, the conduits for communications have been installed, the potable water lines have been installed," Maxwell told the council during the regular monthly meeting. "A special soil for the tree roots has been installed."

Maxwell even threw caution to the wind in a tongue-in-cheek manner, with a statement he expected would make Community Development Director Johnny Vance, who is overseeing the project, a little nervous.

"The project is on schedule, although I know Mr. Vance cringes when I say that, because everything could change at any moment," Maxwell told the council during the regular monthly meeting. "But things are looking good at this point."

Work progressed this morning with the arrival of three trucks and a bevy of workers to pour and smooth concrete on the street.

The rebuild project also calls for a brick road surface, which was chosen for aesthetics, but also for strategic reasons. Brick streets have a psychological effect on drivers that makes them tend to slow down, a critical consideration for a street that will be geared toward heavier pedestrian traffic.

A special City Council meeting was scheduled for noon on Tuesday, July 15, to review bids for the brick paving work. Vance said all bids are due on Monday, July 14, and he expects a 60- to 90-day "lead time" on the work once the contract is awarded, so he asked the council to consider choosing a bidder as quickly as possible.

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