More road work begins this week on SH 11 east

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Jan. 21, 2008 - Motorist can expect to encounter more construction on State Highway 11 east this week as work begins on another Texas Department of Transportation project.

The 4.8 mile road work will begin at Como-Pickton school and continue 1.5 miles east of Pickton.

The scope of the project is primarily to reconstruct the highway to provide a stronger and smoother road with a small amount of widening throughout the length of the project. Turn lanes will also be constructed at FM 269.

This construction work is the third in a series of projects on SH 11 between Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro. The other two, which extend from State Highway 154 in Sulphur Springs to Como-Pickton school, are scheduled to finish within the next four months, depending on weather conditions. The new project will continue into 2009.

A.K. Gillis & Sons of Sulphur Springs was awarded the $3.8 million contract to carry out this third leg of the road improvement project.

The first element of construction on the upcoming project will be to widen culverts on the south side of the highway.

“This part of the project should not affect traffic very much, since most of the work will be off to the side of the main travel way,” said Brad Martin, TxDOT Assistant Area Engineer.

Next, a thin layer of asphalt will be applied to level-up the shoulders on the south side of the highway so that traffic lanes can be pushed to that side of the road, accommodating construction on the north side of the highway. Travel lanes will be narrowed to 10 feet wide, meaning any load over 10 feet wide must use an alternate route.

After reconstruction of the north side, traffic will be shifted to accommodate reconstructing the south side of the highway.

The project will be broken into three separate work areas of approximately equal length.

Construction will begin simultaneously in the eastern and western work area. After several months, these should be complete, and work will begin in the center work area. After base work and an intermediate pavement surface are in place over the entire length of the project, a layer of hot mix will be placed as the final pavement surface.

“This should provide a smooth, durable pavement for the traveling public for several years,” said Martin.

The project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2009.

A fourth project that would complete the reconstruction of SH 11 east to the Wood County line in Winnsboro is on the drawing board could begin in the summer of 2009, depending on funding.

For more information, contact Brad Martin at 903-885-9514.

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