Wanted: One High-Paying JobThis phrase has caught many people's attention as it rides down the road on the back windshield of Tommy Henry's pickup. "Gas is so high, I wanted to make kind of statement," he says.
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Fuel prices sag somewhat this week, but high cost of gas puts a crimp in local residents' travel plans

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Jan. 18, 2008 - "Will Work For Gas!"

The phrase, painted in white on the back windshield of Tommy Henry's pickup truck has caught many people's attention as it rides down the roads of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County.

"Gas is so high, I wanted to make kind of statement," says Henry.

"If everyone put that on their vehicle, we might get someone's attention," he adds with a laugh.

Maybe Henry's onto something, as AAA Texas reports that retail gasoline prices sagged somewhat this week across Texas.

Currently, Texas has the 10th lowest state average price of gas at $2.917, with Missouri the lowest at $2.843 and Hawaii the highest at $3.562. The lowest average by city is Tulsa, Oklahoma, at $2.717.

The cheapest gas in Sulphur Springs today is $2.82, but even that is enough to make local residents like Tommy Henry think long and hard about making even short trips to nearby towns.

"Never in my life have I thought about what it cost to go to Paris or Greenville — until now," says Henry. "But I'm concerned more for people like single moms trying to make it and those who only make minimum wage."

The average price of regular self-serve fell 4 cents this week to $2.94, according to the weekly AAA Texas gasoline price survey released Friday. That was still 83 cents more than at this time last year. Nationally, regular self-serve averaged $3.04 per gallon, down 6 cents from last week.

‘‘In the next few weeks, pump prices appear unlikely to test new highs,'' said AAA Texas spokeswoman Rose Rougeau. ‘‘Consumption is typically lowest at this time of year due to adverse driving conditions in northern parts of the U.S., and the absence of long holiday weekend travel opportunities.''

El Paso had the cheapest gas of the 11 Texas cities on the auto club survey list at an average of $2.85 per gallon, down a penny from last week. Texarkana had the most expensive gas at $3.01 per gallon, despite a 4-cent drop from last week.

These are average per-gallon prices of regular, self-serve gasoline in Texas and nationally, as well as the change from last week, according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch released Friday:

  • Amarillo — $2.911, down 4.8 cents
  • Austin-San Marcos — $2.962, down 3.2 cents
  • Beaumont — $2.955, down 3.4 cents
  • Corpus Christi — $2.933, down 3.7 cents
  • Dallas — $2.930, down 4.0 cents
  • El Paso — $2.848, down 1.3 cents
  • Fort Worth — $2.925, down 4.3 cents
  • Galveston-Texas City — $2.924, down 3.0 cents
  • Houston — $2.919, down 3.2 cents
  • San Antonio — $2.921, down 3.9 cents
  • Texarkana (Texas only) — $3.011, down 3.6 cents
  • State — $2.940, down 3.6 cents
  • Nationally — $3.044, down 5.6 cents

— News-Telegram Photographer Angela Pitts contributed to this story.

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