Wave of the Future?

The Smart Car comes to Hopkins County

By ANGELA PITTS | News-Telegram Staff

Jan 6, 2008 - Teresa Stephens of Sulphur Springs is one of those who was intrigued by and couldn't resist the Smart Fortwo.

Staff Photo by Angela Pitts

Teresa Stephens of Sulphur Springs, holding 1-month-old grandson Braxton Fink, watches as her grandchildren, Brianna McCoy, 8, and Brenden Fink, 4, check out her new Smart Fortwo car, which she recenty purchased, on Peach Street.

"It's so cute! I love it!" she says. "It's so much fun to drive, and the kids love it, too."

The diminutive ride attracts attention, too.

"When I go somewhere in it and park, I hurry up and run out of there because I know people are going to start surrounding," she says with a laugh. "And when I come back, there is usually a swarm of people around the car."

Grabbing people's attention with its small and unique build, the Smart Fortwo has been called the "Jetson car" and "Steve Urkel car."

Currently the smallest gas-powered car on the market at only 106.1 inches long and just over 1,600 pounds, Smart Fortwo is built for two people max (hence its name) and has a 0.7 liter, 3-cylinder engine which gets over 40 miles to the gallon. Although  small, the high roof makes it much more roomy than it looks.

The car, starting around $11,500, uses rear-wheel drive with manumatic shifting, has soft suspension and can even park perpendicular to the curb in those municipalities that allow it. 

So is this the way of the future? Only time will tell.

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