SSHS trounces competitors at weekend UIL academic meet

By FAITH HUFFMAN, News-Telegram News Editor

Feb. 27, 2008 - Sulphur Springs High School sailed through an invitational academic UIL meet in Canton two weeks ago, coming home with 13 individual awards and two team awards.

The Wildcat academic teams continued the momentum this past weekend, blowing the competition out of the water with a sweep at the UIL event hosted at SSHS Friday and Saturday.

The students garnered a whopping 386 points, earning the Sulphur Springs Invitational UIL large division sweepstakes. Forney High School came in second for the sweepstakes with 143 points.

SSHS hosted 39 schools at the annual meet, with 1A and 2A schools competing in Division I, and 3A, 4A and 5A schools competing in Division II.

Connor McCorkle came home from the Canton meet with top honors in the computer science contest, while Leah Davis placed third and Sam Pierce placed fourth in computer science. The trio, along with teammate Marvin Bellows, also made up the first place computer science team. McCorkle, Davis and Pierce continued in that vane in Sulphur Springs, earning first place team honors in computer science. McCorkle placed fourth in Sulphur Springs in computer science, while Davis placed third and Pierce fourth.

The science team of James Wheeler, Jillian Campbell and Chelsea Tiegiser also earned first place in Canton. Individually, Wheeler placed second in science and earned fifth in ready writing in Canton. At the SSHS meet, the team again earned top honors. Wheeler and Campbell tied for first place in science. James Gregory also contributed to the top science team ranking at the SS meet.

The spelling and vocabulary team improved its rating from second in Canton to first at the SSHS meet. Individually Zack Mahand placed third in spelling and vocabulary in Canton and second at the SSHS meet, while Lyndsi Bible placed fifth in Canton and went home with top honors from the SSHS meet. Sarah Fox earned third place individually at the local meet.

In Sulphur Springs, the current events team of Taylor Moore, Kendall Scudder and Rosalynn Karstens were ranked first. Scudder took fourth individually in Canton but was top senior scorer at that meet. In Sulphur Springs, Taylor Moore came up tops, ranking first individually, while Karstens came in second and Scudder fourth.

SSHS teams taking second place this weekend were the calculator team of Natanael Gonzalez, Chelsea Tiegiser and Jacob Cooper; the social studies team of Katy Mason, Cole Cable and Justin Brown; the accounting team of Ryan Clark, John Latham and Marvin Jimenez; the mathematics team of Sam McLeroy, James Wheeler and Kaci Mohon; and the number sense team of Kaci Mohon, Justin Brown and Nathan Grafton. Individually, Mason placed third in social studies, Gonzalez sixth in calculator, Clark second in accounting, John Latham fourth in accounting, McLeroy third in math, Mohon fourth in number sense.

Also recognized for ranking second in Canton was the literary criticism team consisting of Katy Mason, Marvin Bellows and Sam Pierce. Mason placed sixth in literary criticism. Individual sixth place finishes in Canton were registered by Autumn Keiss in informative speaking and Chelsea Tiegiser in computer applications. Mason placed fifth in literary criticism in Sulphur Springs, while Tiegiser took top honors in computer applications.

In Canton, Garrett Gray earned second in ready writing, then went on to take first place in Sulphur Springs. Zack Mahand placed third and James Wheeler fifth in ready writing at Canton. Wheeler improved in Sulphur Springs to second in ready writing, and took top honors in editorial writing at the SS meet.

Others recognized for individual accomplishments at the Sulphur Springs meet included Jordan Owens, second, headline writing; Olivia Stribling, second, informative speaking; Kendall Scudder, second, persuasive speaking, and third, prose interpretation; Dakota Graham, second, computer applications; Sarah Yosten, third, feature writing; Morgan Lutz, fourth, prose interpretation; Melissa Ream, fifth, headline writing; Sam Long, fifth, informative speaking; and Taylor Moore, fifth, persuasive speaking.

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